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Friday Create Along.

Well once again thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and congrats again to Rachel for winning the pattern. Here’s what I made.

I used a Heidi Grace print I picked up on one of my US trips, I haven’t seen her fun fabric here in Canada yet. I choose a green print for the inside with little flowers because it had a circular pattern like the outside print.

I loved seeing everyone’s ideas for how they would use their creations, of course most of them had to do with projects. I’m going to put my business reading in mine. I have a bunch of craft and small business books I’ve been meaning to get through. I thought I’d get to them over the summer but so far no such luck!

If you would like to make your own BLISSFULpatterns has created a coupon code, SEWTARA15, for 15% off any of her patterns until the end of July. You can also like her on that Facebook thing.

I may have to give this bin a try. Not that I need one, I just like to sew new stuff! Plus the picture is adorable!

Ok, next up is this flex frame pouch tutorial. I have a few of these frames lying around and I’ve managed to pull one off by fumbling through the instructions in a Japanese craft book I have. But I’m going to go on a hexie binge and this is up first.

There’s lots of hexie tutorials out there, I learned how from Zakka Style, but just Google it if you haven’t made some before. Start making them now if you want to play along in the next few weeks.

One Yard Wonders strikes again . . . and again?

I finished stuffing Steggie and sewing him up today.  He’s a bit wonky though.  I think maybe I’m a better make it from scratch person than a pattern follower.  But, wonky or not he was made with love!  Nate was trying to pull him off the table this morning before he was even stuff so clearly he likes him already.  I’m still not sure I did the darts correctly, and his feet seem to be a little misshapen.  Oh and one leg is somehow a bit shorter . . . *sigh*

I love the fabric, it’s Heidi Grace and has little hearts on it and is so cute.  I found it challenging to sew the feet and they’re a little more uneven than I would have liked.  Of course Wesley asked if I would make him one tomorrow.  He even specified ‘orange with blue spikes’.  Choosing complementary colours already?  That’s my boy!  Guess I’m trying Steggie again.

Resolution inspiration.

I really wanted to create some cool wall art, like this for our living room.  But it’s a bit of an involved project that will take time to organize and make so I had a brain wave for a smaller project with the same effect, only it will decorate my cute little new craft area (once I finish organizing it).

How’d I do it?  I just cut 2 circles of fabric, one green and one cute Heidi Grace patterned one and cut them in two pieces.  I though I might make another one later so I wanted some fabric ready.  Then I sewed the patterned fabric to the solid colour piece.  A while back when I needed 1 embroidery hoop I went into Value Village and picked up a back with 5 in it for some insanely low price, like $1.99 and I remember thinking, “But I only need !”  good thing I have many now.  I fit the circle into the hoop with a little cute ribbon covering the seam.

Then I sat down to think of some fun little words I could pencil onto the green that would be inspiring and motivating.  I penciled them onto the fabric, grabbed some floss I thought would go nicely and sat down to make it prettier.  I went a little free form on the leaves and heart *shrug*.  Then I added a few buttons in colours from the patterned fabric and voila!  Now I just have to get downstairs and set up the other table I picked up on Tueday night so I can begin the great craft space organization of 2010.

What was doing the night before our flight to England?

Making this!!

I wanted to try to make a messenger bag and I’ve been holding onto this super cute Heidi Grace fabric for a while and was happy to finally use it.

I added the little green heart just for fun.  The inside is just a cute swirly orange fabric I found somewhere. I’ve been reluctant to use the fabric since I had to get it on one of my road trips to Joann’s, and those don’t happen as often as I like!  If anyone from Joann’s is reading this, please build some stores in Canada!  I beg you.

I’d still like to make the strap adjustable but I was being impatient and wanted to take the bag on the plane with me.