My thrifting scores

I did very well on my last thrifting outting. We stopped at 3 stores and I found something awesome at each of them, and the whole thing cost me about $20.

First up was 2 of these great tupperware containers. I gave one to my bff because they’re so cute and she’s remodelling her kitchen and these will fit perfectly.

Then at our next stop I discovered this great lovely off white/light grey Samsonite bag.

THEN at the next stop I found this huge pile of Pyrex just sitting all lonely on a shelf! Two big bowls and an oval casserole dish.

These are a super awesome find because I already have 2 matching bowls at home. If my luck keeps up I might have a set some day.

3 Responses to My thrifting scores

  1. oooh great finds! love the pyrex especially :)


  2. Awesome finds! My mom had the complete set of this particular Pyrex pattern, including the dish- and silverware (probably wasn’t Pyrex, come to think of it, but was a similar pattern). Brings back memories!

  3. Lucky find on the green pyrex! I found a 3 piece set at the antique shop and 4 matching coffee mugs at the thrift store. Hope to collect some more too :o) Good luck to you!

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