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Thrifting fun.

So my bff and I went thrifting tonight. Our Bollywood dance class was cancelled and so we made plans to head out thrifting with out empty night. Of course I missed the phone call yesterday that apparently Bollywood was back on but we were already in Toronto and having fun so oh well.

We hit 4 theft stores after dinner. Not too shabby.
However, I didn’t thrift a thing. Technically. I found this Lug bag at a Goodwill for $10.01 (gotta love their prices). It’s in the marigold colour of the second bag but it’s the style of the green bag. I’ve liked the look of Lug bags for a while but they’re a bit pricey, especially when you have a tote/bag addition. Online this one is about $65. Nice find.

I passed up some nice Pyrex, I already have soooo much.

And I carried this great bag around for a while but decided I have one very similar already here at home, and plus I was already buying a bag! You know you’re an addict when . . .

My thrifting scores

I did very well on my last thrifting outting. We stopped at 3 stores and I found something awesome at each of them, and the whole thing cost me about $20.

First up was 2 of these great tupperware containers. I gave one to my bff because they’re so cute and she’s remodelling her kitchen and these will fit perfectly.

Then at our next stop I discovered this great lovely off white/light grey Samsonite bag.

THEN at the next stop I found this huge pile of Pyrex just sitting all lonely on a shelf! Two big bowls and an oval casserole dish.

These are a super awesome find because I already have 2 matching bowls at home. If my luck keeps up I might have a set some day.

Pyrex love

I should have been writing a different post I have all the photos for, instead I went window shopping on Etsy. I had to share.

‘Pyrex love’ by sewtara

A vintagey colourful treat for your eyes. Go ahead, feast!

snowflake PYREX 195…


Vintage Pyrex Cinde…


Butterprint. Vintag…


Vintage Pyrex Daisy…


Pyrex Gourmet Casse…


Vintage Pyrex Bowls


Vintage Pyrex Bowl …


Pyrex Berry Bowl wi…


4 coordinating mism…


Vintage Pyrex Ameri…


Mustard Green Geome…


Pyrex Mixing Bowls …


Amish Butterprint S…


Pyrex Butterfly Gol…


Vtg 2 x Piece Pyrex…


Vintage Pyrex Bowl …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Let me know if you go shopping!

Coasters are done!

I finished my scrappy coasters. Here they are in the latest vintage find, a fantastic Pyrex dish. Totally in love with this one, it’s like I saw it from across the room and time stopped. And it was Thrifty Thursday and everything in the Goodwill was 50% off!

I’m going to fill one side with guacamole and the other with chips to dip!