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Michelle patterns sale!

I know I’ve gone on and on about Michelle Patterns but I just love her stuff so darn much (and she’s an affiliate sponsor on my blog). My iBooks shelf is over flowing with her stuff. I’ve made so many of her great patterns into fun stuff like the bracelet bag, the bucket bag, clutches,scrappy wallets, more scrappy wallets and yes, even more scrappy wallets. Still need to carve out time to finish this one, love the fabric covered button.

Sooooo she’s having a 6 year anniversary sale!

Go take a look!

Thrifting fun.

So my bff and I went thrifting tonight. Our Bollywood dance class was cancelled and so we made plans to head out thrifting with out empty night. Of course I missed the phone call yesterday that apparently Bollywood was back on but we were already in Toronto and having fun so oh well.

We hit 4 theft stores after dinner. Not too shabby.
However, I didn’t thrift a thing. Technically. I found this Lug bag at a Goodwill for $10.01 (gotta love their prices). It’s in the marigold colour of the second bag but it’s the style of the green bag. I’ve liked the look of Lug bags for a while but they’re a bit pricey, especially when you have a tote/bag addition. Online this one is about $65. Nice find.

I passed up some nice Pyrex, I already have soooo much.

And I carried this great bag around for a while but decided I have one very similar already here at home, and plus I was already buying a bag! You know you’re an addict when . . .

Craftsy class.

So on the day when I’m supposed to be revealing the bag I meant to make ages, and ages ago I’m instead going to blog about this great new class over at Craftsy, Design Your Own Handbag As I’ve said before I’m in love with Michelle Patterns (before = a million times over) and I dream of creating my own patterns some day too so I was really excited when this class recently came up. If you’re interested too you can click the link, check out the class preview and get it for 50% off because I sent you. We’re pretty special.

I signed up for their Sassy Librarian Blouse class a while back but after a foray into making a shirt flopped I haven’t been brave enough to actually give it a go yet. But I’m working up the courage.

As the snow begins to work its way toward my home I’m going to make it a mission to hunker down all warm and cozy with some tea and plow through all these To Do projects (did you catch the snow word play?).

You can check out their Feature Classes and Free Mini Classes here.

Yes, another craft book!

About sewing totes and bags no less! Because I need more of those. My copy of Lisa Lam‘s new book arrived and I love it. This Too Cool for School Satchel is amazing, but it looks like an ambitious project.

This one is great too, just a compact little thing to carry a few necessities to a craft show or conference.

Can’t wait for school to end and have those empty days to sneak in some sewing between playing with my kids!

Blue Calla

I had the pleasure of meeting Celine of Blue Calla a while back at a local event. She makes these beautiful bags and purses so of course I nearly trampled people to get over to her booth. And not surprisingly, I made a purchase.

She uses absolutely fantastic fabrics for her projects and often she uses Keyka Lou patterns *currently on sale*, which I also have a soft spot for. Honestly, she’s after my heart!

Here are some of my favs from her shop. Click images to go to listings.

And in her not a purse or bag category she has some amazing items, like these.

When you’re crafty it’s easy to look at things and think “I can make that” and with many of Blue Calla’s items I actually *can* make it as I have the pattern too, but I still drool over her creations.

Glad I bought it!

I certainly don’t need another craft book, but I’m sure glad I picked this one up.

It’s by Sue Kim and I didn’t even connect that she’s the lady behind I Think Sew, and I certainly didn’t know she lives in Toronto just minutes from me!

See all those cute stickies flagging pages? Yeah, I want to make all those. I’ve got a bag problem . . and a sewing problem . . . *sigh*

I also picked up this one to add to my collection of fabric printing books. Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time reading them someday. I’m dying to get into making my own fabrics.

Magic ratio?

A while back I picked up this little pieced bit of applique.  It was in a thrift shop that also sold antiques and handmade items.

I’m thinking of adding handles and turning it into a tote, because I don’t have 365 yet and can’t change every day.

So my question is – is there some magic way to figure out how bit your handles should be based on the size of the bag. The ones I have seems a bit small so I’m not sure. Anyone have any ideas?

What’s your crafty book stash look like?

I’ve slowly been growing my craft and sewing book collection since starting my blog. Right now I’ve got many, some I haven’t even really looked in yet, let alone created something with. But that isn’t stopping me from dreaming about these 2 gems.

I really, really want Amy Butler’s new book to fuel my bag addiction and stick to my promise that I can only have a new bag if i made it myself!

Click the images for a link to read more, or spend your money if you’re in Canada.

Sew spoiled all done!

Finished this earlier in the week after staying up waaaay to late.  I only had to sew the lining to the outer shell and thought, ‘oh just this one more thing’  but then I entered the fuzzy area of sleepy sewing mistakes and was slowed down.  What would have taken about 15 minutes in the morning when I was well rested too about an hour.   BUT I do love it and the end result is super cool.  I’m so proud to wander around with a bag I hand made with fabrics I chose.  Now finally when people ask, ‘oh did you make that?’ I can say ‘yep!’

Friday find – The Sea Within.

At my first craft show earlier this month this lovely lady had a table there as well. I soooo badly wanted this bag, love the apple print, but I resisted.  She said she moved here form the US and brought a lot of fabric with her, I checked Etsy for this one but can’t find it.

Good for me, I decided if I want to own any more bags/totes/purses I must create them myself, bad for her. However, her bags are quite lovely and so I thought I’d share the love and let you all in on her wonderful little store. Enjoy!