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Tinkertote awesomeness.

Ok so I’m pretty proud of myself and this lovely tote I made. It used up a bunch of really fun scraps, thank you swaps and Tabatha’s beautiful scrap donations, and I learned some really neat stuff.

I made it with things I had on hand. It’s not hard to find scrap fabric in my house. I cut up a fleece blanket I had lying around in a donate pile, I was just finally about to run out and buy some batting when I remembered that Diego blanket was there and decided it would do. For the bottom of the tote I cut up the legs of a pair of jeans that were too big. I had interfacing and plenty of fabrics lying around to make pockets and line it.

I found the quilting as you go part really cool. Before starting Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags I assumed I’d be quilting all the pieces together and then quilting them to the batting. But this whole, just grab a piece and do it as you go was really fun and the effect is great!

I chose a green thread for the denim bottom, I thought it would show up and add some fun contrast but once I got sewing it just disappeared into the fabric anyway, oh well.

I also did something wonky because when I cut a lining piece it didn’t match my outer piece. I messed something up. My bag does seem shallow so I’m not sure what I did but I just kept that lining piece and figured I’ll make another outer tote for it!

Now I knew about the zipper trick already thanks to Lisa Lam’s book, but the quilting technique was brilliant and the bias tape part of this class was just amazing. It’s forever changed how I’ll attach bias tape. I’ve always hated using the stuff but this was super easy and I love the finished look. I’ve made my own tape before but I used Tara’s tutorial on her blog just to be sure I was doing it right.

I have to say I love Tara’s teaching and her sewing style is so laid back and fun, totally like me. Must be a teachers named Tara thing. I went into Fabricland with my tote on my shoulder the other day and shocked a lady in line. She said, a bit insultingly with what sounded like disbelief in her voice “You didn’t make that did you?”. I informed her that yes indeed I did and then suddenly the rest of the line up and the teller were admiring my bag. Tara Rebman- Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags“>This class is soo worth buying.

Craftsy class.

So on the day when I’m supposed to be revealing the bag I meant to make ages, and ages ago I’m instead going to blog about this great new class over at Craftsy, Design Your Own Handbag As I’ve said before I’m in love with Michelle Patterns (before = a million times over) and I dream of creating my own patterns some day too so I was really excited when this class recently came up. If you’re interested too you can click the link, check out the class preview and get it for 50% off because I sent you. We’re pretty special.

I signed up for their Sassy Librarian Blouse class a while back but after a foray into making a shirt flopped I haven’t been brave enough to actually give it a go yet. But I’m working up the courage.

As the snow begins to work its way toward my home I’m going to make it a mission to hunker down all warm and cozy with some tea and plow through all these To Do projects (did you catch the snow word play?).

You can check out their Feature Classes and Free Mini Classes here.

Beyond Thread and Floss begins!

Starting yet another online class!! I think I’m addicted.  This one is all about cute stitching in fun and different ways.  I just love keeping the creative ideas rumbling around in my head by keeping projects on the go.  So Mollie, over at Wild Olive, is our lovely teacher and I just joined the flickr group in anticipation of needing to post things there.  Then I found these cute little fellows!

You can hop on over to her blog to download and print them for yourselves. She posted them waaaaay back in November when my blog, this creative journey of mine, was still just a little baby so I guess I totally missed it. I can barely keep up with all the crafty/arty/fun blogs in my RSS let alone go back and see what they were talking about pre-SewTara! On that note, off to be creative.

Playing with photos, happy mail and up late once again!

Signed up for a Picnik account yesterday and I’m loving this 1960’s effect they have.  I’m also having fun adding text to images.  Prepare to see funner pictures from now on!  There’s me (finally) hiding behind a morning tea.  I was worried it would take longer to post but it’s really fairly quick and easy to use.  It’s almost making me want to go back and repost all my pics . . . . almost.

I also received my happy mail from Christina.  She’s got this really cool website Craftee (lovin’ the name!).   She sent me some fun stuff, including a really beautiful journal with matching pens. It made me want to doodle and pushed me over the edge into the ‘yes please!’ camp for Elsie and Rachel‘s Tell Your Story class.

Thanks to Indie 2.0 I learned how to make my very own little widgets. I’m so excited. Now I just have to get them up and out there, which will be thanks to my techie hubby. I made a few, any opinions?

I’m going to have a table at this show on May 1st and I’ve been going crazy sewing like a maniac to get a huge pile of things to take and sell.  Since it’s my first show I’ll be getting a feel for what sells and what doesn’t.  There’s less than a month left now and I’m starting to feel the crunch.  Fingers crossed all goes well!  And on that note, 1am is probably a good time to go to bed.