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I promise,

I’m going to work through all these PDF patterns & turoials I have! Honest.

I was going to plan something silly like 52 weeks of patterns (yes I have nearly that many) but I realised I probably can’t comit to actally getting 1 thing done per week. So instead I’m just going to plow through them and share what I’m doing along the way.

I’ve built up quiet the stash of various patterns, since I’m always up for trying something new. Some are free, some are tutorials on blogs, some I paid for. I own nearly every Keyka Lou pattern not to mention a bunch from I Think Sew and

I might even get ambitious and post my planned project a big in advance and we can have a sort of sew along . . . perhaps once I settle into this back to school/work thing and get my classroom running smoothly.

So until I share here are images of some patterns I have on hand and plan on tackling soon. Let me know if you want to see anything in particular or if you’d like to play along.

Sew spoiled all done!

Finished this earlier in the week after staying up waaaay to late.  I only had to sew the lining to the outer shell and thought, ‘oh just this one more thing’  but then I entered the fuzzy area of sleepy sewing mistakes and was slowed down.  What would have taken about 15 minutes in the morning when I was well rested too about an hour.   BUT I do love it and the end result is super cool.  I’m so proud to wander around with a bag I hand made with fabrics I chose.  Now finally when people ask, ‘oh did you make that?’ I can say ‘yep!’

Sew Spoiled sew along update.

Here’s my bag as of the other day, I was so excited to get this far and wanted to keep going but I realized I needed 1 more piece of interfacing.  A piece that happened to be something huge like 15×35, soooo it hasn’t gotten any closer to done.  Then my hubby went away for the weekend and took the camera.  Then I was just plain lazy this week apparently and haven’t gotten to posting until now :)

I love the 80’s feel of it with the little coloured hearts and fun apple print, can’t wait to finish.

Sew spoiled tote cut out (finally).

Still lagging behind the group’s schedule on this one BUT I did manage to get all my pieces cut out. I’ve got 2 bags on the go right now, both of which I’m supposed to be sewing with a someone else but I keep thinking, ‘oh I’ll just do one more step’. I’m just too itchy to do a new to me project right now. So here’s what I’ve got so far.

And a closer view of my prints.

I’m going to go sew the pleats, just the pleats.