Coasters are done!

I finished my scrappy coasters. Here they are in the latest vintage find, a fantastic Pyrex dish. Totally in love with this one, it’s like I saw it from across the room and time stopped. And it was Thrifty Thursday and everything in the Goodwill was 50% off!

I’m going to fill one side with guacamole and the other with chips to dip!

6 Responses to Coasters are done!

  1. Those coasters are really great and I must say I’d feel similar seeing that dish! Such a good find.

  2. That dish is an amazing find! Such a lovely colour! And the coasters look great too.

  3. Oh my! Those coasters look great and that Pyrex dish is such a great find! So jealous!

  4. Those are cute!

    And guacamole sounds great. I had some tonight with tacos and I think I’m going to make more.

  5. I’ve tasted your guac, I love it! Please bring some to the cottage or the fixin’s for it please!

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