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Thrifting Find.

My attention was drawn to this great vintage looking box at a cluttered store called Barn Finds out on Highway 28 just north of Port Hope here, east of my place.

It had a recipe box inside and the box contained . . . . bath bombs?! What the heck!?

Not sure what those have to do with recipes, I tossed them.

The box is metal and it’s totally awesome.

I love the colours and the design. I think I might use it to hold money while I save up for something fun. It’s cuter than the bank.

Part of my day in Toronto.

Had some fun this week wandering about Toronto.  I’m going to have to make time to do this again really soon!  There was way to much to see and I ran out of time for all the fun things I wanted to accomplish.  In Kensington Market we stumbled upon Funky Junky, an awesome vintage store full of fantastic stuff.  I was camera-less but snapped some photos with my iphone.

A collection of vintage cameras and accessories.  Beside them was an ancient Singer sewing machine, the old weighs-a-ton black model with the fancy gold writing.  Yeah, that’s my description.

Suitcases and other travel worthy things.  Super cool stuff.  The white one was really cool but when we opened it there was a blow dryer inside!  Beside them you can see the collection of phones.  Around the corner from those was a big box with Gem’s Roadster in it!  Complete with FM radio in the trunk.  There was also a stack of old video games, including Intellivision!  We had that.  I remember my mom bought it on some financing plan it was so expensive when it first came out.  Of course Atari took off and poor little Intellivision was left in the dust.

Here’s some random kitchen stuff.  It was easy to lose track of time in there with so many fun things to look at!  The best part is it will be even more fun to make sure to pop back in every time I’m downtowm and see all the new treasures.  Definitely taking my camera next time.

Vintage sheet fun!

My in laws are doing some renovating and I noticed some old sheets in the basement protecting the wine from all the dust.  So I went ahead and asked for them!  They’re a little beat up, used for painting drop sheets in the past it appears but I’m hoping to find some usable chunks of fabric.

I’m hoping I can get a skirt out of those, or at least one of them.

This one is just awesome!  It was stuffed into a vent in the ceiling and appears to have some moldy spots on it hopefully I can still get some fun use out of it.


I have to admit I feel rather lame using that title for this post but there are no other letters or words that can express the excitement I feel after today! The other day my cousin called. She’s been helping our friend clean up after his wife just up and left rather suddenly taking only a few things with her. She called to tell me there was ‘a lot of fabric and craft supplies’. She offered to pack it up and bring it over in boxes but I figured I’d like to visit, see the house, take the kids somewhere new and said I would drive out on my next day off. I was told to make sure the back of the van was empty.

When we got there and I followed her into the basement I could not believe my eyes! I’m kicking myself now for not taking my camera. There were 5 or 6 bookshelves, those wobbily simple pine ones, lining the walls of the ‘sewing room’ and the shelves were covered in folded up pieces of fabric!! Denim, silky stuff, corduroy, flannel . . . everything! On the floor there were boxes and bins of fabric, patterns, yarn, gimp . . . it was only a few hours ago but I honestly can’t even remember it all it was sooo much. She told me to take whatever I wanted. Organizing is a passion of hers, as is cleaning, so she’s been really busy over there. Apparently this lady could have been on that hoarders show, it was insane the amount of stuff there. We set to work while my kids played with new to them toys in a nice big house.

Here’s a peak at some of the things that came home with me today.  There’s still more waiting for me back there, I thought I’d slowly bring it into the house to avoid sending my hubby into shock.  There was  soft and cuddily minky fabrics for my taggie blankies, I brought home a basket full, more in a box and there’s a big garbage bag full still waiting to come home with me.  We found patterns for Cabbage Patch clothes and Sailor Moon costumes.  As well as patterns to make your own Love A Lot Carebear or Popples!  We came across the Popple fabric and other than remembering my cousin had the ‘white one’ we could not remember what they were called.  The closest we got was they had something to do with ‘pop’.  Luckily we later found the pattern which solved the mystery and spared us having to Google it.  The back of the package names the Popples as Puzzle, Puffball and Prize.  No clue which is which.

I also grabbed some baskets to use at the craft show I’m going to in May.  There’s still a ton more there and I promised to return with a friend who would appreciate the chance at free fabric.  It was a great fun day with my cuz and I came home with many treasures!