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Tinkertote madness!

I swear I am in complete and utter love of this technique and making more of these beautiful creations of Tara Rebman’s Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags


I love using up my scraps, making them work together or just throwing whatever with whatever and seeing how it goes.


That’s how I’ve pieced the scrappy wallets I make and I love how they turn out with so many bright colours and patterns.


They look absolutely fantastic if you go the extra mile and make your own bias tape. It is time consuming and a bit finicky but the results are great.


Hand stitching the second side of the tape on is the best way to go. Keeps it really nice and tidy. But beware! Thimble recommended.


Finally quilted my lap quilt!

My mom bought me a really nice fluffy soft blanket for my birthday a few years ago. It lives in a basket next to the couch. It’s cozy. However, when it’s not in the basket it’s wrapped around one of my children! I can’t get a turn with my own blankie!! So I decided to make my own.

I went with squares of Japanese fabrics and just tried to use a bunch of a favourites. It’s pretty busy.

For the top stitching I used free motion quilting. I’m *very* new at that so it’s quite wonky in places but that’s ok, it’s my blankie and I made it with love.

I just have to do some trimming and squaring up and then bind it. Off to cut the fabric for that now!

Scrapbusting strikes again. This time in the form of mug rugs.

I did it again!  I’m in love with the scraps from my swap.  Not only are they nothing like I have in my own stash but they’re so bright and colourful and beautiful.  I know I’ve said it a bunch but thanks Jessica!

I made some mug rugs.  I love tea and, sadly, I’m pretty fond of cookies and other baked goods.  Now I have a way to enjoy them that looks absolutely fantastic.  Those cookies are from a recipes Deceptively Delicious by the way, they’ve got chickpeas in them and they’re amazing.
I quilted various bits together to create a 7 x 10 1/2 inch matt.  Then I sandwiched some batting between the colourful top piece and a plain linen cotton on the back.  This is the first time I’ve actually quilted something so I kept it simple and just did lines.  I used the edge of my machines foot to keep me in track.  I chose a yellowy thread, it’s sort of a mustard colour.  I love the results.
I was going to get brave and make my own bias tape for the first time but I decided against it.  I haven’t really used bias tape much and so I wanted to keep it simple.  Sadly it wasn’t simple at all!  I had a tough time lining it all up, I double stitched it to echo the quilting of the matt.  If you look closely the edges are a bit wonky but oh well.  If you come to my house and I put a nice hot tea and a yummy treat served on a beautiful mug rug and you mention the wonky edges I’m taking it all away.  You’ve been warned.