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Scrapbusting strikes again. This time in the form of mug rugs.

I did it again!  I’m in love with the scraps from my swap.  Not only are they nothing like I have in my own stash but they’re so bright and colourful and beautiful.  I know I’ve said it a bunch but thanks Jessica!

I made some mug rugs.  I love tea and, sadly, I’m pretty fond of cookies and other baked goods.  Now I have a way to enjoy them that looks absolutely fantastic.  Those cookies are from a recipes Deceptively Delicious by the way, they’ve got chickpeas in them and they’re amazing.
I quilted various bits together to create a 7 x 10 1/2 inch matt.  Then I sandwiched some batting between the colourful top piece and a plain linen cotton on the back.  This is the first time I’ve actually quilted something so I kept it simple and just did lines.  I used the edge of my machines foot to keep me in track.  I chose a yellowy thread, it’s sort of a mustard colour.  I love the results.
I was going to get brave and make my own bias tape for the first time but I decided against it.  I haven’t really used bias tape much and so I wanted to keep it simple.  Sadly it wasn’t simple at all!  I had a tough time lining it all up, I double stitched it to echo the quilting of the matt.  If you look closely the edges are a bit wonky but oh well.  If you come to my house and I put a nice hot tea and a yummy treat served on a beautiful mug rug and you mention the wonky edges I’m taking it all away.  You’ve been warned.