Scrap Swap Time!

Sooooo who wants to scrap swap?!

I’ve done a bunch of summer sewing and hope to do even more during the fall so let’s revitalize our stashes!

Leave your name here, make sure there’s an email address/blog/contact info and I’ll find you a buddy.
Sign ups are open until Sunday night, September 22nd, and then I’ll match us all up and let you know Monday who your partner is.

The keep everyone happy guidelines:

– scraps must measure at least 2 inches by 2 inches, there is no maximum size
– scraps must be clean and in usable condition
– scraps can be new fabric or vintage reclaimed pieces
– fabrics should be of relatively the same weight (cotton preferred) to allow for quilting, or mixing with other fabrics and use in the same project
– be ready to send 10-ish ounces to your partner by Monday October 1st.

Swap is open to everyone so please be aware you may be shipping internationally unless you tell me otherwise.

14 Responses to Scrap Swap Time!

  1. I’d love to participate, unfortunately, the timing is just wrong for me this go around. I’ll be watching your blog for another swap like this though.

  2. Cool! I am in! My stash isn’t big, yet, but this can sure help to diversify it.

  3. Yes!! Yes!! My favorite!! I’m so in!!!


  4. Please count me in! I would love to swap scraps.


  5. I am in! I think I have enough scraps to supply everyone! Lol

  6. I am in! It was a great investment last time for sure. I loved the diversity of fabrics I had never seen before!

    nancebagance at yahoo dot ca

  7. Hey! I’d love to play too!

  8. christine capece

    I’d like to do this too – but in the US only. I mailed something to Ireland and it cost me a bundle. Will you be emailing the info? Thanks!!

  9. sign me up :) thanks so much!

  10. Me, please! I have so many scraps from my own sewing projects that I’m bored of looking at. I’d love some fresh ones. Thank you so much!!
    But US only :-)

  11. christine capece

    I don’t think I left my email:

  12. Oops, here’s my email too:

  13. christine capece

    Tara – I have been ill and haven’t been able to complete this. I apologize and hope that someone will take my place. I am so sorry! Email me if needed.

  14. I just checked back and saw Christine’s message. If she’s dropped out I would like to take her place and swap with someone else. If it’s not already too late… let me know :-)

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