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Scrap Swap Buddies!

Well I was going to take a cute video and have my kids run into the room each with a name in hand and match us all up in a fun and silly way.  But Nate’s been sick all day and went to bed at about 6:30 looking very exhausted and hubby put Wesley to bed about a half hour ago.  Ooops.

Soooooo using the very high tech system I used last time I have written our names on tiny slips of paper and pulled them out in pairs at random to match us up!

Kristy S & bonitarose

SewSare & Virginia

Sara & Barb

Victoria Paige & Tara

Tara & Ali

Annabel & Leela

Cassidy & Anita

Lorna & Jennifer

Lauren & Earl-Leigh

There was a name left over so I’m very sad to say I think I’ll play twice.

So go ahead and chat with each other, maybe give a few details that might help make a package for you, if you have a son/daughter, certain project on the go or anything else.  Make sure there’s 10 ounces of fabric and anything else you want to toss in is just bonus.  Have fun and make sure to post your goodies in the flickr pool I want to see what everyone gets!