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I found this fun little pattern a while back and planned on having it ready for Valentine’s Day but you know how things get. I managed to finish them on the weekend. Such a cute idea and really quick to complete. I changed things up, not following instructions exactly again and stitched mine on the sides.

Pattern and instructions here.


Congrats to Christine who is the lucky winner of the Cozy Blue pattern! Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and of course to Cozy Blue for the generous donation.

Thanks to the plague that got me I’ve only just traced my design and plunked it in a hoop. Not sure I’ll have much to reveal on Friday.

Cuckoo for Wild Olive

That’s no big secret, Mollie is just super awesome. I was very happy for her when I saw her featured in the past issue of Mollie Makes. Plus, like a weenie, I also chucked at Mollie being featured in Mollie.

I printed out her cuckoo clock pattern and set to work making this hoop art for my craft space.

If you’ve never seen Mollie Makes you are missing out on a very pretty and inspirational part of life! It’s a magazine from the UK and while I’ve never had the privledge of holding a paper copy I do have a digital subscription(also in the app store) with Zinio.

If you’d like to get Mollie’s cuckoo clock pattern it’s available here in her shop.

Friday Create Along

I made my adorable little brooch, of course late at night once again so I Instagrammed it (is that a word now?). I’m growing quiet the little collection of handmade accessories, I’ll have to post them soon.

Next up is this great embroidery pattern. It’s for your family tree, which could include loved ones and pets too.

Not only is it a fun little project I have an even funner part (yes, I really talk like that in person) I contacted CozyBlue and they’ve agreed to give away 1 copy of the pattern to a lucky blog reader. Check out the Flickr group to see all the fun creations people have made using their patterns.

Leave a comment here until Tuesday February 28th and I’ll announce a winner in my post on Wednesday. For fun tell me what you love from the shop.

I think these are really nice.

Good luck!

My winnings.

I got an exciting package the other day! I instagrammed (is that a word?) it right away, pardon my straight from the classroom hungry for lunch look.

You may have heard/seen that I won a wonderful embroidery hoop from Lucky Jackson. I choose this wonderful one. I’m not a roller derby gal but it’s super fun.

I honestly have to get working on turning a large part of the wall space in our living room into a handmade art gallery . . .

I won!

I’m still a tad in shock. I’m not one for running all over and entering giveaways, unless it’s something I really like. Sometimes I’m just so behind in my RSS I miss the fun all together. Well this time, let me tell you, I’m super glad I went and entered because I won!!!

What did I win you may be asking . . . I can barely bring my self to type it I’m so thrilled, an embroidery hoop masterpiece from Lucky Jackson!!!!!

And I get an email saying go to the shop and pick one. Pick one. Seriously, how!?

Lookit these things? They’re fantastic.

People wonder how I have time to create so many things, I’m following patterns, or making 10 at a time, or spending 1 day madly crafting and not touching it again for a week. This lady makes one of these things every single day. I’m amazed. And then she says “how weird is it you won and I’m a fan of your blog?!” I love the handmade community.

You can see the works so far here in this Flickr pool.

Friday Create Along

Ok I’m not entirely caught on on previous projects. I’ve still got my slippers to crochet and my little sewing thread/scrap catcher thing to make but I did get to this lovely embroidery. And I’m sure glad I did.

I did some things differently, mostly because I was sickly on the couch and didn’t want to get up for anymore colours or to Google a certain stitch . . . I mean I took some artistic license.

I was pumped to try the whipped backstitch but my outer circle ended up a tad wonky so I decided to go around another time in an effort to even it out. Thanks to Nicole for having such an awesomely cute pattern. I proudly showed my hubby “Look!” and he looked and said “What is it?” and even as I started to answer I realized how silly it was sounding in guy speak, “It’s a hedgehog! In a tea cup! Floating . . in the water . . . nevermind.”

So onto this week’s project, the convertable clutch! The PDF pattern is available here on Etsy or here directly from the LBG site. And of course I do have 1 to give away. The lucky winner is . . . .

Ellen!!! (email sent!)

So congrats and I hope you have time this week to get sewing!

I’m sort of falling in love with embroidery.

I ordered some books on the subject.

Because I need another crafty hobby to like.

Or more craft books . . . this one came just before the holidays so it went to Belize with me.


Well it’s taking me quite a while to catch up from my vacation and get back on track around here! Mostly I think it’s because I was still set to relax, I’m not used to this rush and get things done after a week of leisure. So here’s a peek at a lovely little surprise I got in the mail just before the holidays.

A sweet little ornament made by Mollie! Such an awesome surprise. I’ll have to get her back at some point. And guess we’ll have to get working on another project for 2012. We’ve done
this, this and this so I wonder what’s next?

Friday Create Along . . . sort of

Well since I’ll be running off in a few days I’m not sure how much crafting I will get to. Plus I already slacked by not finishing my slippers from 2 weeks ago! I plan on tackling this lovely embroidery pattern. It’s pretty portable and I’m sure I can tackle it while on a beach.

It’s one of the many masterpieces created by Nicole of Follow the White Bunny. She writes each week on Feeling Stitchy and she sells her patterns in this shop and on Etsy.

It’s an adorable little hedgehog floating in a tea cup, he’s even paddling his way around. It’s super cute. Buy it here.

Have a safe and happy holiday!!