Friday Create Along

I made my adorable little brooch, of course late at night once again so I Instagrammed it (is that a word now?). I’m growing quiet the little collection of handmade accessories, I’ll have to post them soon.

Next up is this great embroidery pattern. It’s for your family tree, which could include loved ones and pets too.

Not only is it a fun little project I have an even funner part (yes, I really talk like that in person) I contacted CozyBlue and they’ve agreed to give away 1 copy of the pattern to a lucky blog reader. Check out the Flickr group to see all the fun creations people have made using their patterns.

Leave a comment here until Tuesday February 28th and I’ll announce a winner in my post on Wednesday. For fun tell me what you love from the shop.

I think these are really nice.

Good luck!

19 Responses to Friday Create Along

  1. I love the “Old marble pillows”, they bring me strait back too my childhood.

    Best regards

  2. I think this is simply gorgeous: And the strange thing is.. I know a couple called Jessican and Mike! Spooky!!

    The family tree is awesome, a very nice take on it :)


  3. I think that embroidery pattern is wonderful. Our tree would be so full of critters and would soon be added to with skin critters as well. Very cool. I have had my eye on the custom heart tree print pillow for some time. I think I saw it on camfire chic before and have been in love ever since. :)


  4. Okay I love this. And it looks doable! (then again, so did those slippers!). And I’m loving the pillow with the birch trees too! We are renoing our basement and I’m dreaming of new couches…that pillow would be perfect!

  5. This pillow! It would look awesome on my bright red couch :) Great giveaway – I’ve been such a fan of Cozy Blue for a while now!

  6. Love this pattern. My favorites in her store are the birch tree pillow and the custom heart pillow.

  7. I agree with you–all your birch cushions are divine!! Thanks–

  8. I really dig the family tree, but would have to go with the birch pillow – I dig the initials and paper white birch are my favorite!

  9. Me parece una idea fantástica y el resultado es precioso.

  10. Christine Capece

    Love this family tree. I would love to embroider it! So cute!

  11. I love that pattern! What a cute idea. Embroidery is my new favorite craft. I also love their pillows. Thanks for hosting!

  12. i really love the custom family tree.
    my dad has worked with trees his entire life ; he would LOVE something like this!!

  13. I love the tree pattern how cute. Plus you can add members as you go. I’m a new follower too! :)

  14. I love the tree print pillows with the heart!
    I love the embroidery pattern – I’d love to win a copy!

  15. I lovethe Aspen silouhettes

  16. Well, I must say, my favorite thing in the shop IS the tree embroidery pattern. I had wanted to do a similar hoop for my wedding this past fall (to go with the cake…which was on a tree slab), but simply ran out of time!

  17. Love the pattern…it is awesome…
    I also really like these from the site…

  18. I love the custom heart pillow! The birch trees running close to a tie with it! thanks!

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