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I hope you had a great Christmas.

Things were a bit bumpy around here for me. The first post-separation batch of holidays. It was a trial navigating them. But I have survived, as I always will.

I was a little down realizing, since my kids are so young and I’m manless, I wasn’t sure I’d have a gift to open. Which isn’t about the gifts I was just more sad about what I had lost and realizing I’d have to fill my own stocking. Lame pathetic thoughts like that.

But my best friend came to my rescue, as good best friends do. She took my boys out and had them choose something for me. When she brought them back that night she said “Your boys know you well” and I was so proud. The kids were all secretive and “Don’t come in here Mom!” while they wrapped things. Putting them under the tree with a “It’s nothing special going on in here” and such. It was cute.

So on Christmas morning I opened these great gifts.

Wesley chose the tea mug. Which is an amazing pic for me. I drink tea constantly, love it out of big mugs and the quote nails it too.

Nate chose the polar bear. I was a bit puzzled when I opened it and when I looked at him he was soooo incredibly excited and blurted out “Because you like bears Mom!!!! Right!!!!” He was bouncing up and down and everything. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Bear has been the centrepiece at every meal since. I think it might be a bookend because I know they were shopping in the bookstore, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s definitely a super sweet gift and a story I’ll remember.


I made a stocking for a lady last year, sort of suprisingly since she just asked at a craft show I was at, “Could you make me a stocking?” and I said “Sure, probably”. And I did. Then she emailed in January raving about it and how nice it was and asking for 3 more. So cut to this November and what am I doing but scrambling to sew up 3 stockings! But I think I did ok.

I *love* this cute birdie filled print.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t entered already my Giveaway Day post is here.

It’s Giveaway day!!

Yipee!!!! I love this day.

For the past few I’ve been super lucky and for some reason or another been home on Giveaway day and had time to enter every thing I wanted to. This year, sadly I’m at work. But I can participate!

I’d like to give 2 lucky winners these cute cup cozies! They’re from the beginnings of SewTara and are sort of my early designs. For my awesome now designs, go here. I made them for the first Christmas season I had my shop but never got around to actually listing them in time. So there they sat and strangely, before I knew it was going to be Giveaway Day I had them out to giveaway myself in a boring lonely post. This is way better.

They are reversible and have this fun holiday themed print on the inside.

Please leave a comment below, let me know if you’d rather proudly sport Mr Glasses on your cup or Mr Stache. Perhaps I’ll whip some up for next year. I’ll email the first winner and let them choose and then the second name I draw will just have to settle for what’s left.

No hoops to jump through just leave a comment by 8pm EST on Friday, December 7, but sharing the love and spreading the word around the internet is appreciated. OH and I’m ridiculously close to 500 likes on my Facebook page and I’d really like to just gaze at that number, even if you unlike it the next day, I won’t know, it doesn’t tell me. Honest. And don’t forget to go enter all the other giveaways being hosted!


Well it’s taking me quite a while to catch up from my vacation and get back on track around here! Mostly I think it’s because I was still set to relax, I’m not used to this rush and get things done after a week of leisure. So here’s a peek at a lovely little surprise I got in the mail just before the holidays.

A sweet little ornament made by Mollie! Such an awesome surprise. I’ll have to get her back at some point. And guess we’ll have to get working on another project for 2012. We’ve done
this, this and this so I wonder what’s next?

Happy Holidays!

Whatever you’re doing today have a fantastic day!

We’re enjoying more present craziness, breakfast and lupper before we head off on the first part of our journey to Belize. Have a great bunch of days everyone!

Tree tour show and tell. Wanna share?

I should have thought of this sooner, I’ve already started a 2011 “don’t forget to blog” list, but most people should still have their trees up and I thought we could have a show and tell.  All of the ornaments on our tree are special in some way.  They’ve been bought while travelling in other countries, or given to us as a momento of some occasion, or are handmade by me or the kids.

For years I would buy those plaster ornaments at craft stores and spend time painting them.  I’ve built up quite a collection.  This one’s my favourite.  Makes me chuckle every year.  I picked up about 5 when I found it and attached them to gifts and such.  It’s so silly.

Picked this one up while in Germany pregnant with Nate.  He was due December 26th so I didn’t really know when his first Christmas was going to be and most ornaments seemed to have a date on them.

Last year I picked up 2 little soldiers for the boys on Boxing day.  We were foolish enough to venture into London that day.  It was insanely busy.

Here’s my cute little Happy Sew Lucky ornament.  It turned out really well and I think I just might have to get a few more for the tree next year.

Sooooo if you’ve got some time and a special ornament with a story to share post a comment or, better yet, send me an email and I’ll post the story and a picture.

Fun fabrics from the Creativ Festival

While wandering the festival I happened upon this lady’s lovely booth full of all sorts of fun modern fabrics.  Mad About Patchwork is in Ottawa, a city I love and miss.

On her blog, Pam did a 7 weeks of Christmas challenge and she found a bunch of neat tutorials and projects and then made them using Colorful Christmas by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake, with great results.  She whipped up a selvage needlebook coasters, little trees, tiny totes, placemats, a tree skirt, and a table runner.  Check them out over at her blog.

Here are the fat quarters I picked up at her booth, only a few since I was trying to curb myself and slow down before I wouldn’t be able to walk for all the fabric I was carrying.  Plus I wanted some pretty prints that would be easy to match up with other stuff.

Taking down the tree!

We got in from England on Friday night at about 9:30 and were ready for bed! With England 5 hours ahead we were a tad tired. Then of course my wonderful little baby boy woke up at 4:30 Saturday morning. He was ready to go, it was 9:30 for him. The rest of us weren’t so ready. Wesley spent about 10 minutes awake before he had a meltdown and I marched him back up to bed. But being up early wasn’t so bad I started to explode our luggage and dig out all the gift and souvenirs we bought, and the Christmas tree needed to come down!

So, while Christmas is over I had ornaments on my mind while I took down the tree and unpacked some I had bought on the trip.

Now while I didn’t make these, they would be pretty easy to whip up some that are similar. They’re by Maileg. It’s been our thing when we travel to get Christmas decorations/ornaments so I picked these 2 up sort of for the boys. Most of the decorations on our tree are painted by me. I used to buy some every year and sit and paint them. I figured I’d have a tree full in a while. Travelling and collecting them is just as much fun.

This one is just cute! It has 2009 on it and says Rudolph on the other side.

I haven’t had much time to be crafty with the trip and returning to work today, which is going to be tough after over a year off! I fully intend to keep crafting in 2010, and posting, and creating, and being me.

Easy Wreath Idea

I found this wreath idea in a magazine in *cough* 1999.   I went on a binge years ago and made a ton of them and gave them away to people or as Christmas gifts.  Now I’ve only got my one banged up one left.   I don’t have time to make a new one right now so perhaps next year I’ll make some new little men to replace the ones who have broken in the line of duty.  Here’s a bit of a tutorial, what I could throw together without actually making on and taking the pictures.


Here’s what you need


1. ring of something pretty sturdy, cardboard works, or you can buy the fancy ones from a craft store and sometimes a dollar store.

2. gingerbread man cookie cutter

3. glue gun and glue sticks for it

4. tacky glue

5. 1 1/4 cups of cinnamon

6. 56 scraps of fabric, measuring 1″ x 9″, It’s more rustic looking if you tear the fabric but you can cut it too.  9 1′ x 4″ fabric scraps, cut these ones.

7. rolling pin, cookie sheet and wire cooling rack

8. some acrylic craft paints, colours can vary but I used a tan, and pinkish colour.  A paintbrush and I had a black marker on hand, rather than paints, for details.

Here’s the handy steps!

1. Mix one cup cinnamon with 4 tablespoons of tacky glue and 3/4 cup water.  Mix it around until you have a stiff dough.  Add more of something to achieve that consistency.  Place the dough on the counter and sprinkle with cinnamon so it won’t stick to the roller.  Roll dough out to about 1.4″ thickness.

2. Cut out 9 gingerbread men and transfer them onto the wire rack.  Place the wire rack on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 for about 2 1/2 hours.  Turn the men over every 20-30 minutes.  Your house will smell wonderfully of cinnamon!  Leave the cooked men on the rack overnight.  They might curl slightly.

3. Paint most of the men with the tan paint, leaving a little bit of the gingerbread edge showing.  This may take a few coats to cover the way you like.   Add little rosy cheeks and eyes and a mouth.

little men

4.  Tie the little 4″ strips into bows and glue gun them to the men to look like little bow ties.

5.  Set the men aside and pick up whatever you have for a circle!  Tie the 1″ x 9″ fabric strips around the circle until it is entirely hidden by fabric.  Photo shows the back.


6. Once it’s entirely covered place the ginger men around the wreath with room at the top for your hanging device, be it ribbon or an actual hanger from a door.

ta da!

As I’ve learned, and you can see from a few of my men, they are fragile and can break so store your wreath lovingly.  The men also smell like cinnamon for some time, so if you can keep it in some sort of sealed box that will help preserve the smell.  What’s more festive than yummy smelling cinnamon!

Christmas tree action shot, and a match for baby bro.

Managed to get Wesley to sit still long enough to take a picture of his shirt.  He thought I was taking a picture of the front end loader and dump truck he parked in front of the Christmas tree.  I did take a picture of them but I moved slightly to include Wesley in the shot.  Once the flash went off he realised what I had done and said ‘No! Not me! The trucks!!’

tree shirt

Then I got ambitious and made a matching onesie for Baby Nate.