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Place setting stockings.

The other day while looking through the flyers I found this neat idea, for $13.99.   Of course I instantly figured I could make something similar quite easily.  And so I did!


I started with our old stocking.  I believe I got them at the dollar store years ago, and they say our names and I figure we should be Mom and Dad now so it was time for new stockings anyway.  So I disassembled them to re-use the fabric.

old stockings

With the help of my friend google, I searched for an image of a stocking and sized it to a size I liked and began cutting!
you get the idea


I recovered enough fabric to make 6 stockings.  We’re travelling at Christmas this year and won’t need our stockings and so I have a whole year to make us something snazzy and neat.

table setting

I don’t have any wonderful dishes but you get the idea.

table setting friends

Here are the other stocking friends.  They could also be used as place holders if you stitched names on the stockings.  Perhaps I’ll get to that for next year.

Ribbon Christmas tree t-shirt.

Made this today for my big little guy. I didn’t take an action shot for fear he’d get something on it and I hoped he can wear it out tomorrow.

christmas tree t

I picked the red and green design just to make it look a little boyish. i didn’t have a star button for the top, and I was eager to finish it so it’s a circle, I’m sure he’ll cope. I cut the ribbons and planned them out based on the sayings. Then I stuck them to my new friend, Steam-A-Seam and ironed away. Once again, I am impressed.

I came across the idea online in the last few days but can’t find exactly where. Today when I searched in google I found some other tutorials on it as well. So while I can’t claim I invented this craft I also can’t really know who did. But I do know it’s neat, easy and I like it!

Santa’s plate, when he’s at our house.

I made this plate earlier this year to use as our special Santa plate. I figured we could bake some cookies and heap the plate with them on Christmas Eve. Sadly, we’re travelling this year and I don’t want to risk breaking it by taking it on a bunch of airplanes so it won’t get used until next year. I am debating adding a mug to match. I mean Santa needs a drink to wash down all those yummy cookies!

santa's plate

Merry Ho Ho.

I’m sending out 25 Christmas cards this year.  They’re all handmade by me!

Last year I sat down and made multiple copies of the same card and sent those out to everyone.  This year, with 2 little ones underfoot, I haven’t had time to be that creative so I resorted to digging through my stash of previously completed cards.  I did manage to sneak away to a card making workshop this year so I had 2o new ones to pick from.  These are some of my favourites.  I particularly like the little trend of choosing colours that aren’t traditionally associated with Christmas.  It’s a nice change from the usual red and green!

xmas cards

I don’t remember about each individual card but I know some of them are made with Stampin’Up supplies and some are make it Close to My Heart.

Christmas tree ornaments, made by my little men.

We made this ornaments for our tree.    I used to have only handmade ornaments, I would paint some every year, but we’ve decided to pick them up as souvenirs as well.  So now everything on the tree is meaningful in some way, it was a gift, or handmade, or bought in some exotic land!  I made these ones with the boys this year, they’re actually Crock-A-Doodle ornaments that I got crafty with. I dipped one of their fingers in the green paint and made a little circle with the fingerprints. After is was glazed and kilned I added a little satin ribbon bow and stuck it on with a glue dot for a cute little embellishment.