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Friday Find – JewelzyBug Designs GIVEAWAY!!

As if playing around on etsy isn’t dangerous enough already, the other day while poking around I clicked ‘shop local’ and stumbled onto some pretty neat stuff. My favourite was JewlezyBug so I’m sharing her first! Julie has created some really cute characters and uses some interesting materials. She paints on rocks to make neat pendants and uses pages from old books and phone books as the canvases for her whimsical paintings!

I sent her a message on etsy and she seems really fun and agreed to do a GIVEAWAY!!!!! Soooo free stuff to someone who’s in need of cuteness! Julie is willing to giveaway one of her prints, see them all here in her flickr pool, just leave a comment here telling us which one is your fav (they’re numbered 1-90). I like this little guy.

I asked her a little bit about herself and she sent this little blurb, thanks for sharing!

“I have always doodled and painted for as long as I can remember. I am drawn to bright colours and happy motifs that catch the eye and make you smile. I like my art to make you feel good and brighten your day. I use old books and phone books as my back drops because they visually stimulate the eye and provide texture to the art. I feel my art is a reflection of my inner child just wanting to play. I take inspiration from colour, from my day, nature, from the people in the my life and from my furbabies (4 cats and 1 dog: Jewels (hence the name!)”

She also has a blog where she shares her new creations, fun crafts and her cute animals. I love these ribbon curtains she made.

I’ll do some magical random winner picking Sunday night and announce Monday morning! Ohhh the suspense, I’d better set my iphone alarm . . .

Merry Ho Ho.

I’m sending out 25 Christmas cards this year.  They’re all handmade by me!

Last year I sat down and made multiple copies of the same card and sent those out to everyone.  This year, with 2 little ones underfoot, I haven’t had time to be that creative so I resorted to digging through my stash of previously completed cards.  I did manage to sneak away to a card making workshop this year so I had 2o new ones to pick from.  These are some of my favourites.  I particularly like the little trend of choosing colours that aren’t traditionally associated with Christmas.  It’s a nice change from the usual red and green!

xmas cards

I don’t remember about each individual card but I know some of them are made with Stampin’Up supplies and some are make it Close to My Heart.

ABC book.

Just cleaned up my desk/craft area and found this hidden away in the corner. I was supposed to be adding some more pictures to it and putting it back together . . . . ages ago. Now there’s a 11 month old sibling to add to it!! But since it’s a papercraft, and I haven’t posted about any of those, I thought I should share.

ABC cover

ABC cover

I used a hinge bound 7 x 7 scrapbook, it was from Creative Memories ages ago so I doubt you can still get one. There are so many school themed books out there I’m sure one of those could work.

ABC poem

ABC poem

I found the little poem online, not sure where but you can download the document here. (as soon as my techie hubby helps me)

An easy letter to fill up, B.  Here's the 2 page spread.

An easy letter to fill up, B. Here's the 2 page spread.

I made each page a 2 page spread for the letter, except near the end I used 1 page for those less likely to fill up, like W, X, Y, Z. In hindsight I should have done that for Q as well, other than quilt I’ve been stuck on that one. I used a bunch of different coloured alphabet sticker sets, again from Creative Memories, but you could just by I sheet and use it for your entire book. I just had a lot of alphabet bits and pieces.

S is for sunglasses, smiles and snowmen!

S is for sunglasses, smiles and snowmen!

You can use scraps and bits of paper to decorate the pages. If you have punches it’s even easier.

C is for cookie

C is for cookie

This is also a great way to make use of sticker odds and ends you have lying around. I also find it handy for using up photos I printed but didn’t scrapbook, I have a bad habit of overprinting. I also print a lot of wallet sized pictures for this project, since the pages are smaller and I can fit 9 of those photos on a sheet it works out well.

M is for messy

I started writing the words next to the pictures as well. Depending on your child you may want to add words.

Guess I’d better get updating!