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My fall leaf wreath

I figured it was time to say so long to my ‘hello’ door decoration and break out some pretty fall stuff. Here’s the problem with being craft, I’ve already got a fall wreath I made a while ago (my first post!), but an idea was sparked when I saw Elsie’s garland tutorial a little while ago. If you’d like to make one of these here’s what you’ll need.

I fully intended to make Elsie’s garland and just wrap it around a yarn covered wreath. But then I wanted to be a little different and thought that the leaves looked like bunting this way and I liked that better.

I was hard to get a shot without falling off my porch or having my reflection in the glass, so I chose the lesser evil and there I am in the window.

The best part is I used pins to hold the yarn on and the leaf bunting, so it’s super easy to move things around, reuse the yarn covered wreath or pull everything off and start all over.

Cottage productivity

I had a project in mind for ages and ages but kept searching for just the right frame. I finally settled on this one, despite it’s hideousness.

I cut off all the icky wire bits and filled all the holes that were left behind. There were still some rough parts, thanks to all the holes and the ugly curly design that I tried to fill. I took it to the cottage with me hoping for some quiet time to finish it. And lo and behold!

I hammered some nails into the front, I wanted a rustic sort of look. I used my pinking shears to cut out some triangles from fabric scraps and put some batting on the back for stability. I stitched letters to spell out ‘hello’. I was going to go with ‘welcome’ but ‘hello’ is more me. I folded the top of the triangles over a string of baker’s twine and stitched closed. Then I wrapped the twine around the nails and trimmed the ends. Voila!

I added picture hanger loopy things on the back and used some more twine to hang it on my front door. Like a wreath, but square and waaaay more cute. The weather has been sort of silly here so I’ve given up on a good action shot of that and went ahead and shared.

In a faraway land . . .

well to me, Ms Muffins over in Germany is dedicating her blog to all things tea this month! Here’s how I fit in.

She’s had some really cute ideas so far, including this lovely gem. Tutorial for the wreath is here.

This is super fun too, great way to use thrifted finds! Tutorial here.

Can’t wait to see what else she posts! There might even be some giveaways! I mean, I’m just saying . . . there might be ;)

My newly reorganized and improved craft space!

Yesterday I managed to get into the basement and finish up reworking my craft area. While my husband is pretty grumpy that I’ve invaded the ‘Man Space’ I’m crazy happy over the results! It’s been a crowded mess down there for the last little bit and I’ve been crafting on the kitchen table. However, it’s a pain to lug up the things I need, or have to go back down because I forgot something, so I really wanted my space ready for me to pop down when I have a few minutes and work on something and not have to move it so we could eat a meal.

Now I’m so excited about it but when I took some pictures I realized that the electrical box looks pretty hideous on film. I know nothing about drywalling but I’m either going to beg someone who does to help me, or I’ll be learning! So pardon that tiny eyesore while I tour you around my happy little creative space.

I still want to attach the powerbar to the underside of my computer desk and get all the cords off the ground and tidied up.  That thing in the corner is our freezer but it really can’t move anywhere else in the basement so for now I just covered it with a cool storage basket. The white cart under the table on the right holds all my papercraft tools and supplies.  The blue bins beside are my fabrics and yarns.

There’s my scrapbook for our trip waiting to be filled.  Along with some favourite pictures of me and my mom and dad, my Style School binder and my Jayne, “Time for some stunning heroics” and Marv the Martian mugs I use to store things.

I picked up the red, blue and green collapsible buckets at IKEA.  I’ve got juice pouches in one, buttons in another and rick rack in the last one.  At least one was supposed to be a little garbage bin on the table top but my supplies took over.  There’s my cute new sewing box, contents all organized, my fun sewing books, and my Style School wreath project in progress.

In attempt to hide the eye sore I’ve filled the space up with some fun things.  An owl from Cuba, a cute postcard, my inspiration hoop, silly faced Happy Bunny, a Beatles souvenir from London and yet another Style school project, the Polaroid art frame.  For the Polaroid frame I used pictures from when I was a kid to add to the vintage feel (wow I basically just called my childhood vintage . . .) and I love those shots.

These are some completed things I have sitting around.  I’m hoping to make a few more things this weekend and make my donation to the Craft Hope store.

Fun new fabrics.  I fell in love with the wood grain fabric used for a book cover Style School assignment so I searched some out on Etsy and found it at uberstitch. I’m going to use it with the little woodland creatures print. The cursive writing practice one was just cute, and hey, I’m a teacher, I can print! The funky red one was on super clearance at Fabricland because it’s a Christmas print, but I thought it was just neat.

So now that I’ve accomplished so much there I can focus on my Style School assignments, do my own creative things and figure out how to put my sewing machine into this neat little table my mom gave me then paint it some cool colour.

Wow, looks like I’m going to be a pretty busy bee for the next little bit. Yippee!

Easy Wreath Idea

I found this wreath idea in a magazine in *cough* 1999.   I went on a binge years ago and made a ton of them and gave them away to people or as Christmas gifts.  Now I’ve only got my one banged up one left.   I don’t have time to make a new one right now so perhaps next year I’ll make some new little men to replace the ones who have broken in the line of duty.  Here’s a bit of a tutorial, what I could throw together without actually making on and taking the pictures.


Here’s what you need


1. ring of something pretty sturdy, cardboard works, or you can buy the fancy ones from a craft store and sometimes a dollar store.

2. gingerbread man cookie cutter

3. glue gun and glue sticks for it

4. tacky glue

5. 1 1/4 cups of cinnamon

6. 56 scraps of fabric, measuring 1″ x 9″, It’s more rustic looking if you tear the fabric but you can cut it too.  9 1′ x 4″ fabric scraps, cut these ones.

7. rolling pin, cookie sheet and wire cooling rack

8. some acrylic craft paints, colours can vary but I used a tan, and pinkish colour.  A paintbrush and I had a black marker on hand, rather than paints, for details.

Here’s the handy steps!

1. Mix one cup cinnamon with 4 tablespoons of tacky glue and 3/4 cup water.  Mix it around until you have a stiff dough.  Add more of something to achieve that consistency.  Place the dough on the counter and sprinkle with cinnamon so it won’t stick to the roller.  Roll dough out to about 1.4″ thickness.

2. Cut out 9 gingerbread men and transfer them onto the wire rack.  Place the wire rack on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 for about 2 1/2 hours.  Turn the men over every 20-30 minutes.  Your house will smell wonderfully of cinnamon!  Leave the cooked men on the rack overnight.  They might curl slightly.

3. Paint most of the men with the tan paint, leaving a little bit of the gingerbread edge showing.  This may take a few coats to cover the way you like.   Add little rosy cheeks and eyes and a mouth.

little men

4.  Tie the little 4″ strips into bows and glue gun them to the men to look like little bow ties.

5.  Set the men aside and pick up whatever you have for a circle!  Tie the 1″ x 9″ fabric strips around the circle until it is entirely hidden by fabric.  Photo shows the back.


6. Once it’s entirely covered place the ginger men around the wreath with room at the top for your hanging device, be it ribbon or an actual hanger from a door.

ta da!

As I’ve learned, and you can see from a few of my men, they are fragile and can break so store your wreath lovingly.  The men also smell like cinnamon for some time, so if you can keep it in some sort of sealed box that will help preserve the smell.  What’s more festive than yummy smelling cinnamon!

Christmas tree ornaments, made by my little men.

We made this ornaments for our tree.    I used to have only handmade ornaments, I would paint some every year, but we’ve decided to pick them up as souvenirs as well.  So now everything on the tree is meaningful in some way, it was a gift, or handmade, or bought in some exotic land!  I made these ones with the boys this year, they’re actually Crock-A-Doodle ornaments that I got crafty with. I dipped one of their fingers in the green paint and made a little circle with the fingerprints. After is was glazed and kilned I added a little satin ribbon bow and stuck it on with a glue dot for a cute little embellishment.

Today I’m feeling creative.

I’ve actually been feeling creative for a long time now, however, there are 2 little life forms in my house thatkeep me from getting down to my craft room! So while I’ve been waiting to start my blog for a time when I could sew something, for a post fitting of the name, I’ve decided to go ahead and start with something I’ve crafted from a while back.

my fall wreath

my fall wreath

I managed to get down to the basement last night and dig out the Halloween decorations. While I was poking around I found a wreath I made last year that I had totally forgotten about. It was quick, easy and best of all super cheap to make. Then today, while getting lost on the internet, I stumbled upon a tutorial advising you to think outside the box when you buy supplies and take a moment to see the potential in what might appear strange or even ugly at first. That’s exactly how this project came to be!

funky, cute little bird nest with eggs

funky, cute little bird nest with eggs

I was browsing at Michael’s and found the floral decorations in a clearance bin. I think I bought about 5 and they came to less than a dollar each. I pulled them all apart down to just their decorations and wire and then fit them to the wreath and twisted the wires craftily in behind the branches. Et voila! For definitely less than $10 (don’t remember what the wreath cost but I’m sure I used one of those handy 40% off coupons) I have a beautiful fall wreath!

the multicoloured ribbons used to hang the wreath

the multicoloured ribbons used to hang the wreath