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Stitched cardigan.

Went thrifting a while ago looking for things for my Style School assignments, idea by Elsie.  I found a cute little green cardigan with sort of flared sleeves and hideous buttons.  I’ve had it around for a bit because I couldn’t decide what to embroider on it.  Then I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a cupcake!

I wanted to do a silhouette sort of thing so first I Googled images of cameos to find something to base a frame on.  My blue wash out fabric marker didn’t really show up too well on the green sweater so I had to free hand here and there.  I’m happy with the frame and cupcake outline but once I took the hoop off and slipped it on I’m not sure I’m happy with the placement of the design.  It’s a little low I think and not very crest-like, more breast-like!  Might have to do some restitching tomorrow.

Another fun stamp, made by me!

How cute are these stamps I made!?!  I was thinking today of making every letter of the alphabet, vialis 40mg each with a delicious yummy treat in the letter.  Teehee.

Fun mail!

Wheee! Got this in the mail yesterday. (this is a picture stolen from the listing, we tried to take pics and add my face to my blog but I got the giggles after the first picture when I said “make sure to get more of the bag in” and my dear hubby had to say “that’s what she said”)

It’s my cute new bag I ordered from Hot Butter. I’m pretty sure I ran into her blog as a result of Style School, but I can’t be 100 % positive anymore. The interwebs takes me on click filled adventures daily. All I know is I saw it in her etsy store and there were many things that appealed to me – cute bag, sale, and a shipping deal at the time! Right now of course she’s got more things that appeal to me, a giveaway and items newly added to her clearance section . . . *sigh*

I’ve been busy, last night I completed 4 projects! 4!!! And I had a great night tonight, was in the city, wandered around a bit. Bought 2 sewing magazines and a neat book as well. I’ll post something about one of those many things tomorrow, so sleepy right now.

Clock make over.

Here’s my finished clock, sorry for the glare.  However, there are some issues with it *sigh*  I painted it with chalkboard paint that doesn’t seem to be acting very chalkboardy.  In certain light you can see the erased writing, somehow it’s still marking the clock.  Also, I used painters tape to cover the hands while I sprayed the clock, it didn’t seem wise to try and remove them and the clock wasn’t cooperating so I left them.  In peeling off the tape the hands got unhappy.  By unhappy I mean they actually popped off and I had to stick them back on.   They seem wobbily now.  I didn’t put a battery in yet but I doubt it will keep time properly.  When I tried to move the hands to figure out the button positioning it seemed to be placing the hours a little uneven and wonky.  I stuck the buttons on with large glue dots.

It’s still nice to look at though.  Maybe I’ll just have it say ‘time to craft’ forever.

Carving stamps, finally.

Strangely, I bought supplies to carve my own stamps ages ago and then it turned out to be a Style School assignment.  I had planned to carve something that I could then stamp onto fabric and make labels for my sewing projects.  But it started to get complicated finding an ink that would stay through washing.  So my supplies sat there . . . until today!!

The glasses should look like those fun 50’s frames, I wasn’t brave enough to attempt carving out some little rhinestones, perhaps I’ll make a second try.  The little fox is winking, so he should look like that.  I had carved the word ‘crafty’ next to him but as I was cutting apart the stamps I realised I hadn’t mirror imaged the word.  Don’t ask me how I sketched it out this afternoon, then sat and carved it during a movie and I didn’t notice until basically ready to stamp with it that I had made a mistake!  I’m going to blame it on Tired Mommy Brain.  Yes it’s a real ailment, it must be, it has capitals.   The thread and spool are something I was thinking of for business cards/tags.

I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before!  It was really easy and fun and addictive.  I think I may have to pop back to the art store tomorrow.

Upcoming crafts and nothing to do with crafting.

I got mail today!! *insert happy dance here* It’s from my Style School buddy, Peptogirl. I shopped in her store. I’m a good Style School buddy.

I’m resisting packing it to take to work as I will probably spend my entire lunch hour stitching and not get any prep for my classes done.

I also found a clock to reface for Style School. I have my idea all planned out, but it involves spray painting the clock and I get in trouble to stinking up the house so I have to be strategic about when I do it. It’s a bit bigger than I was thinking but it was on clearance and has a flat front.

And in an entirely uncrafting related segment may I present my son Nate eating chocolate pudding on his own. Monday was Family Day here and *most* people had the day off to spend with their . . . families! All four of us stayed in our jammies all day and just puttered around the house doing what we wanted, with some olympic watching couch snuggles here and there. I invited my mom for dinner, because she’s family, and pudding was dessert. Needless to say Nate was the one who broke our jammie day and ended up needing a change of clothes, and a bath!

It’s a tad out of focus but I had to act quick as he was flailing that spoon about a little too much.

ARGH! . . . and finished!

Ok, I got brave (and had some time) and tried my bag revamp project today.  I had no idea how to sew through the layers, and it wasn’t easy.  I had to abandon the plan to use yarn as Elsie suggested. I couldn’t get the needle through with the yarn in the eye as well. It took about 20 minutes to stitch one stitch and that was with a a paper piercer, a metal thimble and 2 plastic-y ones that would grip well, wrapped around the end of a set of pliers to try and pull the needle through! So, I gave up, pulled out the 1 1/2 measily stitches I had in it and went at it with embroidery floss instead. It was still a bit tricky, took me an entire movie to complete, but I’m really happy with it and can’t wait to use it! I’m hoping it’ll make someone smile, how could it not? A bright yellow bag with cute little hearts on it!

I might be addicted,

and it’s LA’s fault! Thanks to her tutorial, and such a cute little idea, not only have I made one to send to my swap buddy but I’ve also made these other 2.

I’m sure there will be more. I’m already compiling a list of family and friends who sew so I’ll have homes for all of them!

I also found a supper cute bag for my Style School vintage bag embroidery type project. I’m a little worried about how tough it’s going to be trying to sew through the bag. But I did buy some strong needles and a thimble to help me get through it. Hopefully a movie on the couch will help too.

Yarn bling for my minivan.

Here’s my latest Style School accomplishment, a cupcake to hang from my mirror!  Forget fuzzy dice.  This is waaaay cooler.

I’m supposed to take an action shot, but once again it’s past my bedtime and here I am crafting and blogging.  It’s too dark and cold to be out there.  Perhaps tomorrow I can show it in action.

Quote pillow project, complete with soppy story.

Finished my Style School pillow assignment today.  I was kid free for a bit and was able to get some crafting done, and some laundry!

I used some of my Timeless Treasures fabric, finally.  I’ve had a little plastic bag of fat quarters sitting around and decided to use one up.  I almost put the owl fabric on the back but decided to just use a plain brown fabric to match our duvet.  I sewed the doily onto the fabric around the outside and near the middle.  Then I embroidered the words curving around it.

Here and there the letters dip down and are stitched through the doily.  I figured it would help hold it down and I liked the un-perfectness of it. The words are from a Dave Matthews song, “Oh“. I embroidered them in a dark plum colour, the photos don’t really capture it as nicely as it looks in person. The line is from the chorus, “I love you oh so well like a kid loves candy and fresh snow”.

I also added a bit of a finish to the edge just to make it a little bit fancier and different than my “Sew in love” pillow since they’re both going on our bed.

Soppy story alert!
When I met my husband we lived about 2 hours away from each other. He burned me some music CDs, Dave Matthews being one of them. We met in March and spent every weekend together for about 3 months, then he got the news he had to move for his job, putting us about 4 hours away from each other. I distinctly remember sitting on the creaky fire escape like steps up to his little apartment on a warm night, staring at the stars and listening to Dave Matthews while I , ever the worrier, asked over and over “what are we going to do?” A month later I was with him in his new apartment while I looked for my own. I never got one. 6 months later we were engaged. Here we are now, coming up on married for 5 years. We danced to “Oh” at our wedding and it’s a cute soppy song.  Every time I hear it I smile and my heart gets all warm and fuzzy.