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Clock make over.

Here’s my finished clock, sorry for the glare.  However, there are some issues with it *sigh*  I painted it with chalkboard paint that doesn’t seem to be acting very chalkboardy.  In certain light you can see the erased writing, somehow it’s still marking the clock.  Also, I used painters tape to cover the hands while I sprayed the clock, it didn’t seem wise to try and remove them and the clock wasn’t cooperating so I left them.  In peeling off the tape the hands got unhappy.  By unhappy I mean they actually popped off and I had to stick them back on.   They seem wobbily now.  I didn’t put a battery in yet but I doubt it will keep time properly.  When I tried to move the hands to figure out the button positioning it seemed to be placing the hours a little uneven and wonky.  I stuck the buttons on with large glue dots.

It’s still nice to look at though.  Maybe I’ll just have it say ‘time to craft’ forever.