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Clock make over.

Here’s my finished clock, sorry for the glare.  However, there are some issues with it *sigh*  I painted it with chalkboard paint that doesn’t seem to be acting very chalkboardy.  In certain light you can see the erased writing, somehow it’s still marking the clock.  Also, I used painters tape to cover the hands while I sprayed the clock, it didn’t seem wise to try and remove them and the clock wasn’t cooperating so I left them.  In peeling off the tape the hands got unhappy.  By unhappy I mean they actually popped off and I had to stick them back on.   They seem wobbily now.  I didn’t put a battery in yet but I doubt it will keep time properly.  When I tried to move the hands to figure out the button positioning it seemed to be placing the hours a little uneven and wonky.  I stuck the buttons on with large glue dots.

It’s still nice to look at though.  Maybe I’ll just have it say ‘time to craft’ forever.

Upcoming crafts and nothing to do with crafting.

I got mail today!! *insert happy dance here* It’s from my Style School buddy, Peptogirl. I shopped in her store. I’m a good Style School buddy.

I’m resisting packing it to take to work as I will probably spend my entire lunch hour stitching and not get any prep for my classes done.

I also found a clock to reface for Style School. I have my idea all planned out, but it involves spray painting the clock and I get in trouble to stinking up the house so I have to be strategic about when I do it. It’s a bit bigger than I was thinking but it was on clearance and has a flat front.

And in an entirely uncrafting related segment may I present my son Nate eating chocolate pudding on his own. Monday was Family Day here and *most* people had the day off to spend with their . . . families! All four of us stayed in our jammies all day and just puttered around the house doing what we wanted, with some olympic watching couch snuggles here and there. I invited my mom for dinner, because she’s family, and pudding was dessert. Needless to say Nate was the one who broke our jammie day and ended up needing a change of clothes, and a bath!

It’s a tad out of focus but I had to act quick as he was flailing that spoon about a little too much.