Fun mail!

Wheee! Got this in the mail yesterday. (this is a picture stolen from the listing, we tried to take pics and add my face to my blog but I got the giggles after the first picture when I said “make sure to get more of the bag in” and my dear hubby had to say “that’s what she said”)

It’s my cute new bag I ordered from Hot Butter. I’m pretty sure I ran into her blog as a result of Style School, but I can’t be 100 % positive anymore. The interwebs takes me on click filled adventures daily. All I know is I saw it in her etsy store and there were many things that appealed to me – cute bag, sale, and a shipping deal at the time! Right now of course she’s got more things that appeal to me, a giveaway and items newly added to her clearance section . . . *sigh*

I’ve been busy, last night I completed 4 projects! 4!!! And I had a great night tonight, was in the city, wandered around a bit. Bought 2 sewing magazines and a neat book as well. I’ll post something about one of those many things tomorrow, so sleepy right now.

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