Stitched cardigan.

Went thrifting a while ago looking for things for my Style School assignments, idea by Elsie.  I found a cute little green cardigan with sort of flared sleeves and hideous buttons.  I’ve had it around for a bit because I couldn’t decide what to embroider on it.  Then I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a cupcake!

I wanted to do a silhouette sort of thing so first I Googled images of cameos to find something to base a frame on.  My blue wash out fabric marker didn’t really show up too well on the green sweater so I had to free hand here and there.  I’m happy with the frame and cupcake outline but once I took the hoop off and slipped it on I’m not sure I’m happy with the placement of the design.  It’s a little low I think and not very crest-like, more breast-like!  Might have to do some restitching tomorrow.

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