ARGH! . . . and finished!

Ok, I got brave (and had some time) and tried my bag revamp project today.  I had no idea how to sew through the layers, and it wasn’t easy.  I had to abandon the plan to use yarn as Elsie suggested. I couldn’t get the needle through with the yarn in the eye as well. It took about 20 minutes to stitch one stitch and that was with a a paper piercer, a metal thimble and 2 plastic-y ones that would grip well, wrapped around the end of a set of pliers to try and pull the needle through! So, I gave up, pulled out the 1 1/2 measily stitches I had in it and went at it with embroidery floss instead. It was still a bit tricky, took me an entire movie to complete, but I’m really happy with it and can’t wait to use it! I’m hoping it’ll make someone smile, how could it not? A bright yellow bag with cute little hearts on it!

5 Responses to ARGH! . . . and finished!

  1. I love how it came out! I want to re-do mine now!

  2. Well worth it! Nice Work!

  3. you got it to work! :) cute yellow things make people happy.

  4. Some of these projects have definitely helped me learn new skills through trial and error. I have my bag on the table waiting for a good idea. I was so excited to see that some of us made this one!

  5. A leather awl maybe? I remember it was what I needed when my leather trenchcoat ripped in high school. They pierce so much better than a needle.

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