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Dining/drawing table

I spontaneously had this idea a few weeks ago and luckily it was followed by a trip to IKEA. I had great photos of all of this, as well as our kitchen floor remodel, but then our camera’s card pooped out on me and I lost them. So here’s my re-enactment. Our table is from the ASIS aisle, so excuse all the writing they put on it.

I went to IKEA and bought this roll of paper, a curtain rod and the hardware to hang the rod. I mounted it under our table. It was a super inexpensive project that’s definitely paid for itself in time spent drawing, colouring and painting. The paper just rolls up onto the table top.

And the kids can colour, make roads, write about food, tell me who’s sitting where . . . . the list goes on.

Camp themed swap stuff!

I’ve been a bad blog owner, forgive me. My fun package for the Camp Themed Swap that Amanda so willingly ran for me and a group of lucky ladies arrived . . . . 2 Fridays ago. It took me until Sunday to even open the package, I’ve been sooooo busy lately it’s been insane. Hence the blog absence. I’ve been frantically making cup cozies, yes still! Everywhere I go I’m pulling out some stitching, it’s a little crazy. I’ve finally made it into my September orders and I only have about 20 more to make. I sat around all summer on vacation and of course my shop had to go viral (for the second time) right when it was back to school time!

Anyhow, enough ranting, here’s what I’m supposed to be writing about, my haul!

Going across the rows – back row –  a fun mixed media painting, a print of a drawing of three bears camping and some awesome hoop art with a happy camper.

Middle-ish my log pin cushion, a CAMPO game, a fun floral case for glasses, some camp themed stationary, a crocheted flower hair thingie, and a heart shaped box.

Front-ish – a little note book with graph paper and camp themed stickers in it, a compass hair pin, a firefly keychain, a button ring,  brown bear earrings, and a signed original piece of art work.

All placed on top of a vintage pillow case sending me happy camping wishes!

Here’s some close ups,

It was such a fun thing to be involved in.  At first I wondered what on earth we would all come up with for camp themed crafts (especially as someone who’s never been camping) but we did all right!

A brilliant idea for lost lonely single socks.

As if losing my own socks wasn’t enough, then there was a husband’s socks for me to lose.  Now there’s 2 little ones and more socks I have to keep tracks of!!  So I’ve been keeping this little pile of lonely socks lying around for months ‘just in case’ the other sock reappears.  Then I had an idea.  Wednesday I brought home a paper box from work and started my project.

I cut off part of the box to make it angled to sit on the floor nicely.  With a Sharpie I drew some big circles on it, I was going to make flowers but then I figured two boys would probably go for something a little less girly.  So I turned the circles into mouth of goofy looking aliens.  They’re sort of our family, a big daddy alien, a eyelashed mommy alien, a boy alien and a little baby alien.

Cut out the holes with a blade or sharp knife.  Then I painted them in, while watching LOST.  I just used craft paints, nothing special.

Back to the pile of socks, pictured here.  I also used a lonely single scratch mitten since we don’t need those anymore.

Since, coincidentally, I had been researching bean bag fillings I decided to use rice.  You can rinse them and air dry, if it breaks open it’s pretty easy to clean and if Nate did try to eat it no big deal.  The socks were pretty easy to fill, I just used a spoon and sewed them shut with the machine since it was fast, hand sewing would work.  Cut off the excess sock and you’re ready to go.

I hoped for an action shot today but it was harder to get than I thought.  Wesley turned the game box into a machine and was driving it around the house while stacking the ‘bubbles’ (aka the socks) in a pile in a corner of the kitchen.  Oh well, the point was for them to have fun and they did.

Santa’s plate, when he’s at our house.

I made this plate earlier this year to use as our special Santa plate. I figured we could bake some cookies and heap the plate with them on Christmas Eve. Sadly, we’re travelling this year and I don’t want to risk breaking it by taking it on a bunch of airplanes so it won’t get used until next year. I am debating adding a mug to match. I mean Santa needs a drink to wash down all those yummy cookies!

santa's plate