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Craft swap fun to keep my ipad cozy.

So I signed up for 2 craft swaps this year and in the first one I was lucky enough to get Shealynn for my partner. After a few emails I wasn’t really sure what to send her, she makes/made these great camera strap covers and I didn’t know if I could impress her with anything.

So I just plunged in and sent her a sewing machine cover and some other goodies. I figured if I went first I wouldn’t feel pressure to be awesome like her creations. Sure enough, this amazing ipad cover arrived for me a little bit ago.

Now I had made myself an ipad cover before, but it was showing signs of wear and it was like a sleeve and there have been a few times my ipad was on the verge of just sliding right out when I wasn’t paying attention. So a snazzy new cover was just the kick in the butt I needed to finally cut my old one up and reuse the material.

Camp themed swap stuff!

I’ve been a bad blog owner, forgive me. My fun package for the Camp Themed Swap that Amanda so willingly ran for me and a group of lucky ladies arrived . . . . 2 Fridays ago. It took me until Sunday to even open the package, I’ve been sooooo busy lately it’s been insane. Hence the blog absence. I’ve been frantically making cup cozies, yes still! Everywhere I go I’m pulling out some stitching, it’s a little crazy. I’ve finally made it into my September orders and I only have about 20 more to make. I sat around all summer on vacation and of course my shop had to go viral (for the second time) right when it was back to school time!

Anyhow, enough ranting, here’s what I’m supposed to be writing about, my haul!

Going across the rows – back row –  a fun mixed media painting, a print of a drawing of three bears camping and some awesome hoop art with a happy camper.

Middle-ish my log pin cushion, a CAMPO game, a fun floral case for glasses, some camp themed stationary, a crocheted flower hair thingie, and a heart shaped box.

Front-ish – a little note book with graph paper and camp themed stickers in it, a compass hair pin, a firefly keychain, a button ring,  brown bear earrings, and a signed original piece of art work.

All placed on top of a vintage pillow case sending me happy camping wishes!

Here’s some close ups,

It was such a fun thing to be involved in.  At first I wondered what on earth we would all come up with for camp themed crafts (especially as someone who’s never been camping) but we did all right!