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My new iPad cover.

I’ve had this idea for ages and finally had everything to make it. It’s so fun and I’m debating making it a PDF pattern, once I learn how to do that.

Joanna and I had a great time brainstorming a crafty address for the envelope.

The air mail ribbon is available a few places on Etsy and I ordered some fabric covered in stamp images and cut out some fun ones.

Craft swap fun to keep my ipad cozy.

So I signed up for 2 craft swaps this year and in the first one I was lucky enough to get Shealynn for my partner. After a few emails I wasn’t really sure what to send her, she makes/made these great camera strap covers and I didn’t know if I could impress her with anything.

So I just plunged in and sent her a sewing machine cover and some other goodies. I figured if I went first I wouldn’t feel pressure to be awesome like her creations. Sure enough, this amazing ipad cover arrived for me a little bit ago.

Now I had made myself an ipad cover before, but it was showing signs of wear and it was like a sleeve and there have been a few times my ipad was on the verge of just sliding right out when I wasn’t paying attention. So a snazzy new cover was just the kick in the butt I needed to finally cut my old one up and reuse the material.

ipad cover full of cute usefulness

I’m not sure why, but I keep taking my ipad to work.  I don’t have time to even look at it while I’m there, and we can’t use the wifi so it’s basically just a fun toy to look at.  I suppose we’re still in that early honeymoon lovey dovey stage of our relationship.

I was just tossing it in my ‘teacher bag’ and figured I needed to protect it a little bit more, especially from the freezing cold!  So I whipped this up last night.

Making this was really easy, I just laid out fabric and cut it a tad larger than the ipad and went from there.  The hardest part was deciding what print to use!! I went with this one because it’s a super fun design and also it’s a canvas so it’s a little bit thicker than just plain cotton.  I might add some red rick rack trim alone the top, haven’t decided yet.