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I improvised a bit and made a shirt.

I made a shirt again! I used the Tara Tee pattern from this Etsy shop. I’ve made tees with it before, and even made a sleeve a bit longer on one. This time I wanted a long sleeve version so I just sort of extended what I had going on for sleeves. They fit pretty snug down near the bottom but I actually like it that way.
But I am making a note to self to change the angle to one less drastic for the next long sleeved try.

Pardon the silly expression it’s hard taking posed photos and posing and such.

Ribbon Christmas tree t-shirt.

Made this today for my big little guy. I didn’t take an action shot for fear he’d get something on it and I hoped he can wear it out tomorrow.

christmas tree t

I picked the red and green design just to make it look a little boyish. i didn’t have a star button for the top, and I was eager to finish it so it’s a circle, I’m sure he’ll cope. I cut the ribbons and planned them out based on the sayings. Then I stuck them to my new friend, Steam-A-Seam and ironed away. Once again, I am impressed.

I came across the idea online in the last few days but can’t find exactly where. Today when I searched in google I found some other tutorials on it as well. So while I can’t claim I invented this craft I also can’t really know who did. But I do know it’s neat, easy and I like it!

Foray into appliqué

I’ve wanted to make my kids some T-shirts for a while. While on a Joann’s shopping trip I found some really cute iron ons and was eager to try them. I had two plain 3T shirts and used one of the iron ons. It worked really nicely, went on well, however, my son wore it once, I hand washed it (as directed) and noticed the lines breaking and I have little faith that the design is going to last. So, going with, ‘if you want something done right do it yourself’, I’ve decided to create them myself.

I kept it simple the first time, I’ve never done appliqué, so I went with an easy simple shape and put a bright tie on the shirt. I used Steam a Seam and it worked like magic! I’m glad I explained to the lady at Fabricland what I intended to do, otherwise I would have bought the wrong thing entirely. It was really simple to work with and even requires no sewing, if you feel so inclined, apparently edges will not fray or separate. I did stitch around the tie for some extra detail.