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I improvised a bit and made a shirt.

I made a shirt again! I used the Tara Tee pattern from this Etsy shop. I’ve made tees with it before, and even made a sleeve a bit longer on one. This time I wanted a long sleeve version so I just sort of extended what I had going on for sleeves. They fit pretty snug down near the bottom but I actually like it that way.
But I am making a note to self to change the angle to one less drastic for the next long sleeved try.

Pardon the silly expression it’s hard taking posed photos and posing and such.

Now that I can walk into a ‘normal’ clothing store and shop

I’ve decided to try making my own clothes again!

I’ve only made a shirt and some skirts (one, two) so far. The shirt was a disaster, hence the lack of proof about it’s existence. I tackled this pattern but I think, while I picked the size listed for my measurements at the time, I should have made a size smaller. I made view A but it was icky once done. So not flattering for me. And somehow the neck hole part was much smaller than the shirt part . . . it didn’t go well.

The other day during a pattern sale at Fabricland I went a little crazy and picked these ones up.

Its the pink one at the bottom in the middle that got me on that pattern.

I doubt why these dresses are awesome needs an explanation!

I also picked up a skirt pattern that I can’t seem to find the picture for right now. I tried to photograph them this afternoon but it was a really grey day here and my camera battery was dead.

I still have some Lisette patterns I’ve been dying to try. I think as school winds up and I have more free time to create I’m going to be fleshing out my wardrobe with some handmade creations. Which is good because after losing 55 pounds I’ve been purging my closet a whole lot!

I went with no pockets.

After the great inner debate I had I decided to go with no pockets at all.

I just thought it showed off the awesomeness of the fabric’s print better without pockets taking away from it. Plus I’m ridiculously indecisive and the votes seemed pretty split.

It was received well as my first day of school outfit.

Pocket dilemma!

I’m making another skirt like this one, this time with fun Echino fabric. It’s a really nice weight and I’m excited to get it finished. Thanks to Tabatha finding a pocket template that works, from a totally different pattern, I can make it super functional for work by having some handy pockets. I don’t think I mentioned it in my last post but she made some really nice versions of these skirts. But I’m having pocket indecisiveness. Opinions are welcome.

Grey/gray (never know which it is).


Or none?

Girly Handmade Beginnings pants this time!

I was so happy to get to pick out some fun and girl-ish stuff to make for the lovely baby Samantha.  I also got fancy and appliqued some t-shirts to go with the reversible pants.  Needed a nice thoughtful gift and a break from being a pillow factory.

You can’t really see but there are little brown, pink and white birds on the first pants.  I added some brown with white polka dot fabric to the inside to make rolling up the pant legs more fun.  On the second pair of pants I actually cut the leg shorter and added that bank of green apple fabric so when she grows bigger and can’t roll up the pant legs they’ll still look like they have a fun contrasting cuff.

Now I just have to get her counting book all done! :)

Finally a beginning to the Handmade Beginnings projects.

Finally decided to take some time to tackle a project from Handmade Beginnings. I vowed to use things I had on hand so while they aren’t as colourful as the ones in the book they’re equally as cute once they’re on my little sweetie. I used some IKEA fabric and some red with little white polka dots and just plain yellow.

It’s been pretty hot lately so Nate sort of objected when I snagged him to put some pants on for a photo op. So it only lasted a few shots. I had to distract him with toys and stealing his suckie to get him to stretch up for a nice back shot.

The instructions were really easy to follow.  I was surprised by the way they laid out the patterns, to save paper I understand, and I had to tape it all to a window and trace the pieces onto graph paper.  I went with the 24 month pattern, even though Nate’s only 18 months, they’re a little big so they’ll fit him for a while.  I turned the cuffs up twice so they wouldn’t be too long.  He was napping when I was finishing them up so I used Wesley as my model.  The pants would fit him perfectly if there was another inch or two on the bottom.  I’m hyped to make some more.

Christmas tree action shot, and a match for baby bro.

Managed to get Wesley to sit still long enough to take a picture of his shirt.  He thought I was taking a picture of the front end loader and dump truck he parked in front of the Christmas tree.  I did take a picture of them but I moved slightly to include Wesley in the shot.  Once the flash went off he realised what I had done and said ‘No! Not me! The trucks!!’

tree shirt

Then I got ambitious and made a matching onesie for Baby Nate.


First birthday shirt.

Tomorrow we’re having Baby Nate’s first birthday party, it is a bit early but with the trip we have to push things up.  Tonight I whipped up this shirt for him to wear.  I really wanted to make one, I got the idea somewhere of a number one appliqued over a star.  Since his party is all about Pixar’s Cars I used my checked flag material.

number 1 racing fan

A friend had given me a bag of hand me down baby clothes and there were some onesies in there that would be too short for Nate.  I cut them right at the bottom to make them into little t-shirts. I used Steam-A-Seam to stick the number 1 on.  But I was still worried it would be a bit short and wanted to add some length so I made my own bias tape to add to the bottom of the shirt.  Can’t wait to see him in it tomorrow!