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Well I’ve been experimenting with making my own clothing over the summer and I think I’m improving.  I’ve got a few patterns that I’m refining to get just the right fit and then I can forge ahead making even more.

While bouncing around the interwebs the other night I fell back onto Seamwork, where I’ve been before, and decided to sign up. It’s only $6 a month and each month you get to download 2 patterns to your library, which is much more than the cost of the subscription if you were to buy them.  Plus you get a bonus pattern for free.

I already owned one of their patterns (have yet to sew it up) and I picked my 2 more already.   I chose these lovelies.


Can’t wait to get sewing!!


I went with no pockets.

After the great inner debate I had I decided to go with no pockets at all.

I just thought it showed off the awesomeness of the fabric’s print better without pockets taking away from it. Plus I’m ridiculously indecisive and the votes seemed pretty split.

It was received well as my first day of school outfit.

Outfit that I made sorta post.

I went over to my friend Tabatha’s yesterday and did some sewing. A while ago she gave me a skirt pattern and I made one but hated how it turned out. This time I popped over to her place for the day lugging my jersey fabric (it’s yellow with little brown hearts all over it) I’ve had for a while and took over her serger for an hour or so. It’s a Kwik Sew pattern, that says it’ll take an hour and it took me about 1 1/2 but we added some different way to hem it so that probably added cutting and sewing time. It’s ridiculously comfy and I love it!