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I improvised a bit and made a shirt.

I made a shirt again! I used the Tara Tee pattern from this Etsy shop. I’ve made tees with it before, and even made a sleeve a bit longer on one. This time I wanted a long sleeve version so I just sort of extended what I had going on for sleeves. They fit pretty snug down near the bottom but I actually like it that way.
But I am making a note to self to change the angle to one less drastic for the next long sleeved try.

Pardon the silly expression it’s hard taking posed photos and posing and such.

What I wore, yeah I’m playing that game too.

I’ve been struggling to find my own style lately. I guess it started with the whole purple hair thing and a nose piercing back in June. Things have gotten a bit brighter and more patterned since then!

Dress – Forever 21 (for $13.99!!)
Tights – pretty sure Target
Cardigan – Target
Locket – Emma Gem Shop

Now I need to still get the hang of this outfit posting thing because I was home alone with the kids so there was some timer setting involved before I broke down and asked one of the kids across the street to snap a few photos.

There’s been many a day when I’ve wanted to photograph my outfit but haven’t had the means. I need to fix that.