I hope you had a great Christmas.

Things were a bit bumpy around here for me. The first post-separation batch of holidays. It was a trial navigating them. But I have survived, as I always will.

I was a little down realizing, since my kids are so young and I’m manless, I wasn’t sure I’d have a gift to open. Which isn’t about the gifts I was just more sad about what I had lost and realizing I’d have to fill my own stocking. Lame pathetic thoughts like that.

But my best friend came to my rescue, as good best friends do. She took my boys out and had them choose something for me. When she brought them back that night she said “Your boys know you well” and I was so proud. The kids were all secretive and “Don’t come in here Mom!” while they wrapped things. Putting them under the tree with a “It’s nothing special going on in here” and such. It was cute.

So on Christmas morning I opened these great gifts.

Wesley chose the tea mug. Which is an amazing pic for me. I drink tea constantly, love it out of big mugs and the quote nails it too.

Nate chose the polar bear. I was a bit puzzled when I opened it and when I looked at him he was soooo incredibly excited and blurted out “Because you like bears Mom!!!! Right!!!!” He was bouncing up and down and everything. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Bear has been the centrepiece at every meal since. I think it might be a bookend because I know they were shopping in the bookstore, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s definitely a super sweet gift and a story I’ll remember.

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  1. N was that excited in the store too :) He knew you liked animals, and so I think that’s where Bear came from. He originally picked up a HUGE peacock. I mean bigger than your cat! When I suggested he might perhaps pick something a bit smaller, I said “what other animals does mom like?” He then found Bear, who is indeed a bookend, but I think he’s holding his paw out for high fives ;)

    W on the other hand went right to the mugs, and then asked me to read the quote, since it is in script. After I read it, he said “yep, that’s the one” then proceeded to Lego. LOL

    Glad they were still super excited about them Christmas morning.


  2. You are so lucky to have a thoughtful friend take on this role. My ex ‘helps’ our daughter pick out something to get me and this year it was a stuffed animal she liked for herself.

  3. I like the High Five Bear idea too. The bear’s been living on the kitchen table, he eats every meal with us. Nate is still so proud. Wesley said “I knew you like tea Mommy so I got the tea cup!” and Nate was all “And you like bears Mom!!” It’s soooo cute.

  4. My ex did that as well, we did it for each other, I guess until the kids are a bit older and can decide themselves or wander out to do it too. This was just a backup plan :)

  5. Hiii! We are still waiting for your good news, because you aren’t still alive – you are Awesome! . Finger crossed for new posts. Thanks. Eliza

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