Stupid Ice Ice Baby.

I usually run out in the winter a few mins before I’m ready to leave and start my car. Clear it off, let it warm up, let the defrost features do it’s thing. Today running out early to do that resulted in me slipping and getting hurt.

I drove to work, went into the office and said “Can you call a supply teacher? I need to go across the street to the clinic”. I was given an office ice pack and off I went. After seeing the doctor I was informed I had a FOOSH.

No really see?! It means Fall On OutStretched Hand. It’s a real medical thing! It’s so fun to say and super cute. Especially considering the pain it causes. So some X-rays later i’m informed it’s a really bad sprain, unless it’s not when the radiologist looks at it in which case I’ll be called. So I head for a nap since I have the morning off and all then go back to school for the afternoon. During which time I’m basically useless since most of what I do involves, oh you know, my right hand. So it’s been all elevated hand, pain killers and ice for me most of the evening!

I landed on my knees too, but was distracted by the wrist pain. My fingers I can cross are crossed hoping I can move in the morning :/

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  1. At least it’s a cute sounding injury? :\ Hopefully it’s not as bad as they though and you’re up and running again soon.

  2. Hi…Its me your stalker who followed you to FB from one of your Kool Aid bag tutorials! LOL I wanted to send good wishes for a speedy recovery! I been in a cast, and sprain…and well about 6 times on crutches! LOL so i understand! Keep smiling! :D

  3. Yeah I think I was super lucky! It was much better the next day and much much better the next next day.

  4. Yipee!! Thanks for being an even more extensive stalker! I’ll get your pouches out to you soon! Been oh so busy.

  5. Oh, I’m sorry you’ve hurt yourself! Hope 100% recovered by now ;).

  6. Bummer! I hope by now you’re well-rested and fully functioning again. Also, a FOOSH totally sounds like something ridiculous that would happen to me too. At least it made for a fun story!

  7. Hope u ve gotten well quickly :) Just wanted to tell you that i found this post by you googling for “stupid ice ice baby” somehow haha xD

  8. That’s hillarious!! Also, why were you Googling that!? lol

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