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I made soap!

No really! And it was so cool!

With the help of Claire at Homespun Dazzle who taught me the great and mysterious ways of soap making, not to mention provided the supplies, I have hand crafted some pretty awesome* lime poppyseed soap!

*opinion may be biased.

The giant brick o’soap I had once I peeled the container away. I was attempting to make a swirly design, it didn’t really turn out that way but I love how it is.

It smells great, looks fun and the poppyseeds add some texture. Now it just has to cure in my kitchen for 6 weeks before I can use it. Crazy huh?

She also makes *amazing* soy candles. I mean it, literally amazing.

Happy Valentine’s Day

In honour of this great occasion I’m going to share some link love.

Here’s a fun giveaway I’m taking part in. You can win a scrappy wallet handmade with love by me!

And over at jojoebi-designs
there’s an interview all about me and also a whole bunch of other crafty fun people. If you search for Inspiration Sunday you’ll find the growing list.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Kicking 2013 in the butt.

I’m seriously focused on learning and growing this year. I made a lot of accidental steps last year in growing myself and SewTara, or things fell upon me, so it only stands to reason that if I get proactive and start chasing and dreaming bigger even better things will come.

So far, even though we’re only a few days into 2013 I’ve signed up for Life is Messy Bootcamp (thanks to the funding of a large order), I’ve read an inspirational book, guess I’ll post about that too, and I have a pile of TO DOs that have been sitting around for a while but I now have a serious plan and commitment to getting them TO DONE.

I’m also going to spend a lot of time on research and online connecting. It’s starting with Oh My Handmade! I feel a bit silly, when I was at Etsy in Brooklyn last spring and everyone was discovering I was “The Canadian” in the room I was asked if I knew Jessika. Not only do I not know her I didn’t know the blog. People were a bit shocked. It’s only recently that I’ve changed that and I can’t believe I was in the dark on this for so long.

I picked up her ebook, Guide to Businessy Goodness (you can set your own price $5-$20 so it’s accessable to even the smallest small business). Now I’ve snagged her Happy Healthy Entrepreneur 2013 Planner. It seems like a good alternative if you’re not ready for the investment of something larger like Life Is Messy Bootcamp.

When you purchase the Happy Healthy Entrepreneur 2013 Planner you get an extra copy to gift to a fellow creative person. Sooooooo anyone want it?

Guess this isn’t really a giveaway but more of a reward for reading this far down in the post. Leave a comment with your email address or blog so I can contact you. If you aren’t the first lucky duck to speak up and get the planner you can leave a comment with some of your 2013 plans for growth.

Share the love – Avril Loreti

I absolutely love the geometric nature of her designs.

Also, pilule these paint chip table linens are so fun, order placemats and napkins.

Share the love – Onard’s

Found these fun hand painted phone covers by Onard’s while browsing at a craft show.

They also make some fun pendant necklaces.

It’s Giveaway day!!

Yipee!!!! I love this day.

For the past few I’ve been super lucky and for some reason or another been home on Giveaway day and had time to enter every thing I wanted to. This year, sadly I’m at work. But I can participate!

I’d like to give 2 lucky winners these cute cup cozies! They’re from the beginnings of SewTara and are sort of my early designs. For my awesome now designs, go here. I made them for the first Christmas season I had my shop but never got around to actually listing them in time. So there they sat and strangely, before I knew it was going to be Giveaway Day I had them out to giveaway myself in a boring lonely post. This is way better.

They are reversible and have this fun holiday themed print on the inside.

Please leave a comment below, let me know if you’d rather proudly sport Mr Glasses on your cup or Mr Stache. Perhaps I’ll whip some up for next year. I’ll email the first winner and let them choose and then the second name I draw will just have to settle for what’s left.

No hoops to jump through just leave a comment by 8pm EST on Friday, December 7, but sharing the love and spreading the word around the internet is appreciated. OH and I’m ridiculously close to 500 likes on my Facebook page and I’d really like to just gaze at that number, even if you unlike it the next day, I won’t know, it doesn’t tell me. Honest. And don’t forget to go enter all the other giveaways being hosted!

Share the Love – Middle Sister Studios

When I saw Middle Sister Studios display at a craft show I had to walk back, a few times. I really love her stuff. I didn’t really have a little kid to buy for but I love her creations and envied her fabrics.

She’s got the whole super cute woodland animal thing down. These stuffies are so sweet. And her dolls are amazing too.

She’s reachable on her Facebook page.