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Kicking 2013 in the butt.

I’m seriously focused on learning and growing this year. I made a lot of accidental steps last year in growing myself and SewTara, or things fell upon me, so it only stands to reason that if I get proactive and start chasing and dreaming bigger even better things will come.

So far, even though we’re only a few days into 2013 I’ve signed up for Life is Messy Bootcamp (thanks to the funding of a large order), I’ve read an inspirational book, guess I’ll post about that too, and I have a pile of TO DOs that have been sitting around for a while but I now have a serious plan and commitment to getting them TO DONE.

I’m also going to spend a lot of time on research and online connecting. It’s starting with Oh My Handmade! I feel a bit silly, when I was at Etsy in Brooklyn last spring and everyone was discovering I was “The Canadian” in the room I was asked if I knew Jessika. Not only do I not know her I didn’t know the blog. People were a bit shocked. It’s only recently that I’ve changed that and I can’t believe I was in the dark on this for so long.

I picked up her ebook, Guide to Businessy Goodness (you can set your own price $5-$20 so it’s accessable to even the smallest small business). Now I’ve snagged her Happy Healthy Entrepreneur 2013 Planner. It seems like a good alternative if you’re not ready for the investment of something larger like Life Is Messy Bootcamp.

When you purchase the Happy Healthy Entrepreneur 2013 Planner you get an extra copy to gift to a fellow creative person. Sooooooo anyone want it?

Guess this isn’t really a giveaway but more of a reward for reading this far down in the post. Leave a comment with your email address or blog so I can contact you. If you aren’t the first lucky duck to speak up and get the planner you can leave a comment with some of your 2013 plans for growth.