Jazzing up boring white address labels.

I’ve been doing a lot of shipping lately with the sales in my shop and after a few handwritten return address labels I thought I’d get a bit inventive.  Plus it saves space on the package.  So I printed some return address labels on Avery label paper.  Then I gathered some other paper materials to stick them on to.  I started with an old atlas.

Then I grabbed some other things to reuse like Nate’s recent art work and some flyers from the newspaper.

It was super easy I just peeled off the sticky label and placed it on the backing paper so it would have a neat border.  Then I cut around it leaving a bit of the backing paper showing.  Other things I thought would make really neat backing papers are wallpaper scraps, paint chips and old stamps, sadly I didn’t have any of those lying around.

I used packing tape to just go over the whole label when adhering it to the packaging, I wanted to make sure they stayed on as some are going far, far away.  Glue, a tape runner or a Xyron would work too.

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