Like and need to learn

I’ve been admiring the stuff at Citrus Pop for a while.  This necklace is particularily lovely.

I think the colourful doilies in her photos are so fun too.  Need to work on my crocheting skills!

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  1. You know what – I used to crochet doilies when I was a kid! Can you believe that. Never liked them back then though. Gave them away as gifts to my grandma and aunt …
    For some reason back then those things just seemed old fashioned to me. My mom used to have a huge stack of them. Old ones I mean. Not made by me. I think she threw them out one day. Can you believe that? The thought alone almost makes me cry now … Crazy how things chance!

  2. some people are selling hand dyed ones on etsy but they’ve cut them from vintage table runners and such. a neat idea but i’d be worried they might fray. also there’s something to be said for making something yourself, as i’m sure you’ll all agree.

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