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Near Toronto? Want to go to the OOAK show? Ticket giveaway!

I have this friend from RoRo Art selling at the One Of a Kind Show in Toronto, running November 24 to December 4 and she’s donated 2 tickets for me to giveaway to some lucky people.  She makes super neat sock puppets and dolls and a load of other fun things.


For ease of winner chosing we’d like to keep all the entires in one place so if you could comment on my Facebook page to enter that would be great!

If you don’t win, be sure to stop by the show if you can it’s wonderful I go every year.  Say hello to RoRo at e-35 if you do!

I’m going to choose a winner, with the good old random number generator at midnight on Friday November 25th to give people time to hit the show on the weekend should they be the winner!

So head here to enter!



Bike lust

We went into Toronto the other weekend and I spotted these bikes while walking up Queen Street.

How amazing is this bike!? It’s adorable. Sadly, not only is it $899, it’s also gearless and therefore sort of a token bike to have and not very useful for excercise rides, or biking to work or such.

But it’s still beautiful to look at.

More about the Etsy meet up in Toronto.

Well the pictures are up and now so is the video. Photo credit: Claire Louise Foster. Here’s an awkward shot of me, I really have to get used to this posing thing. Here’s the full article on the Etsy blog with links to the speakers and such.

You do have to watch the video all the way to the end to see me, but it’s totally worth the 3 minutes.
Also I was getting nervous in an empty room with about 5 people just looking at me waiting for what I had to say, so pardon my fidgetiness.

Toronto Meetup from Etsy Inc. on Vimeo.

Another part of my day in Toronto, Mokuba!

While wandering Queen street we spotted some ribbon through a store window and figured, as crafty gals, it might be a fun store. So we went it and couldn’t believe it. Mokuba is an entire store of ribbon!! Lace, trim, ribbon, ruffles, frilly stuff . . . it was crazy. It’s a huge normal store sized store just full of shelves and rolls and bins of ribbon!

Strangely enough I didn’t actually need anything but I did wander through and snap some pictures on my phone.