Bike lust

We went into Toronto the other weekend and I spotted these bikes while walking up Queen Street.

How amazing is this bike!? It’s adorable. Sadly, not only is it $899, it’s also gearless and therefore sort of a token bike to have and not very useful for excercise rides, or biking to work or such.

But it’s still beautiful to look at.

3 Responses to Bike lust

  1. My husband has a track bike (not as pretty as those) it has no breaks or gears and he rides into work from Pickering into downtown Toronto…it always makes me nervous on days he rides. I need the safety of knowing I have breaks and gears are a must! :)

  2. That’s crazy! My hubby rides about 8K on his bike often, but only from Oshawa to Whitby and mostly along paths. It must be quite the workout to go all the way to Toronto with no gears!

  3. He is in enviably good shape! but yes, he’s crazy! :)

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