Photographer’s block

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Mostly I make cozies. It wasn’t really what I set out to do when I opened an Etsy shop, but I sort of just fell into it and I’m glad I did. I like it, I get to be goofy and I’ve learned a ton of new things. One thing I haven’t really learned is how to take dozens and dozens of photos of what is essentially the same item and still make it interesting. Which is sort of stinky since I recently created a whole new batch of designs for the shop.

Part of me thinks, “Ok, it’s just a cozy, they get it. Do the plain background thing and be done with it”.

But then if I do have something in the background, like say cookies, I know people see it and look and want cookies so they might want my cozy . . . . Oh I know I’ll hold it in my hand! No one’s ever seen a disposable cup doing that before! *groan*

Today was nice and sunny (after the freak thunderstorm) so I tried to sneak some flowers in. But yeah I don’t know, it’s still a cozy.

What’s a disposable cup doing in my house in the first place let alone on my piano? Who knows, it’s a new place to set up a photoshoot. How about in front of my lappy, you know because it’s a computer joke, get it? Get it?!

Anyone else feel this is a challenge when you’re making similar items and need to photograph for listings?

Maybe I should just start getting really outlandish and putting them on my sleeping cats, or hanging from the ceiling or in the bath . . . .*sigh*

11 Responses to Photographer’s block

  1. i feel your pain.

    but I love your cosies. Whereever they may be :)

  2. Those tea cozies are awesome! I grinned when I landed on your homepage and saw the first guy looking at me. :D

  3. Love your new cup cozies!!

  4. Fun cozies–and some are surprisingly thought provoking . . .


  5. I absolutely love the LOL picture :) and the joke with it! :) LOL!

  6. Definitely in the bath. Bathing coffee cup cozies? Are you serious? How much more awesome could they get?

    I do have this problem to though, with my garlands. I’m always trying to find things to wrap them around or drape them over.

    Sorry I don’t have any better ideas for you…


  7. I was going to comment on the SMS giveaway post, but I didn’t want to double post…the machine in your header pic? I have it! My Singer 338 is my baby….and I know it’s not yours, but I still heartily approve of you having a picture of such awesomeness :).

  8. This made me laugh but I hear you — just go with the cozies — let them speak for themselves on cute cups/mugs/containers…

  9. Just wanted to say that there’s a somewhat fab princess bride Tshirt on today. Inconceivable!

  10. lol-
    i make cozies too-photography is my biggest struggle-i’m not good with props tho i like them when i see staged photos…i’ve been doing the boring plain white backgrounds lately…is white photobox a prop ? ;)
    cute cozies :)

  11. Ha ha ha!
    Those are really cute and so funny!

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