A fit of giggles.

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I slept for about 9 hours, can you tell?

I was ridiculously tired yesterday. I stayed up late for the entire weekend, basically 1am each day. Good thing Monday was a holiday! I tried to go to bed early that night but since it was Giveaway Day I got distracted entering on blog all over, then poking around some blogs, adding some to my reader . . . . you know.

So then comes Tuesday morning and it was our Yucky Early Day, which means it’s the day I teach the whole day, we have to be up and out first thing in the morning. After all the late nights and a full day at work I was pretty useless yesterday evening. I kept doing that, “Why am I standing in this room?”, “What was I looking for in the fridge?” and such. My BFF was over to help me put buttons on 50 or so cup cozies. I’ve been working away for a charity thing she helps organize and that’s why I’ve been a mad crafting machine lately.

Numerous times I said I was “Sooooo tired” and both she and my hubby would yell out, “go to bed!!” but it wasn’t even 9 yet! I refuse to go to bed if it’s not an acceptable adult bed time. She tried to argue that’s the point of being an adult. I said that only applies to fun things like ice cream for breakfast. She left around 8:45 yelling for me to go to bed as she was getting into her car. I gathered my iDevices and told my hubby I was going up to bed.

“Leave the laptop”
“No, I need to approve comments and send an email. Can you finish loading the dishwasher and run it?”
“If you leave the laptop”
“Can I have a kiss goodnight?”
“If you leave the laptop”
I took the lappy upstairs with me.

Then at about 9:25 I realized hubby would see I had the lamp on still so I shut it off and decided to just read through my Google Reader and then go to sleep. Then I heard footsteps at about 9:35 and I hurried to shut my laptop.

“NO!” says hubby storming into the room, in the dark “Give me the laptop!”. He starts grabbing for it and takes it right out of my hands.
Here I start to giggle.
“Give me the iPad too!”
“NoooOOoo It’s charging, Wesley was playing on it. Leave it!”
“Go to bed!! What are you 6?!” he storms out with my laptop
“Plug it in” I yell after him through a fit of giggles.

I wish I had audio of it all, it was pretty funny.

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