Display peeks

Oh hello. Sorry for not being here yesterday. I did this really silly thing, I was holding a door open for someone and once she went through I went to walk out and basically punched a pole with that automatic door opener button on it. I heard cracks and crunches. It wasn’t even my knuckle that connected, it was my finger. Anyhow, it wasn’t good. I taped 2 fingers together to minimize motion, but my right hand was pretty useless last night. So today I have a slightly less sore hand and a lame story to tell.

Last week I was at a rather classy event, I had a giant table and when I arrived I was worried about being able to fill it but once I got unpacking I learned I’ve been making a lot lately! NOTE *lighting in a banquet hall is pretty craptacular, I’ve done the best I could*

I had a load of coin purses.

A bunch of clutches and pouches.

My magnet sets did really well, which is great considering the cost of my button machine, and I had some SewTara magnets on hand to give out.

I also took along a bunch of the kid stuff I’ve had since I started my crafty endeavour. I have done some mom & baby type shows but then I fell into cup cozies and other things.

I’m pretty sure I was the brightest display there. And a bit eclectic.

5 Responses to Display peeks

  1. Tara..so sorry to hear that you got hurt. I hope that your hand heals quickly. Your display looks great..glad to hear that you had great sells. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your finger. Hope it will be healed soon. Love the stuff you had made so far. They are lovely. Take care!

  3. The display looks great! Hope you did well at the sale. I also hope your finger heals quickly!

  4. Oh no! I hope you feel better!
    Your display looks amazing and your purses are so cute!

  5. Ouchie! Hope your digits heal fast. :( Super cute displays- I’m a huge fan of Moo cards too. :)

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