Magnet crazy!

Well I went a little nuts over the March Break making and packaging magnets.

It was easy work, sick just time consuming, buy cialis and it resulted in me taking over the kitchen table many times while the kids played with friends or came in for a game or snack.

I just used some little baggies and cut some cardstock to fold over and staple. Then I use a MOO sticker to cover the hideousness of a staple. Pretty simple and easy. Now I just need to order more stickers. I use the MOO MiniCards for giving away SewTara magnets, case price tags and just usual business cars. I love their stuff.

Create 90 different photo stickers

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4 Responses to Magnet crazy!

  1. Such cute magnets!

  2. These look awesome! Are these magnets 1″ or 1.25″? I’m asking because we’re printing some 1″ buttons for my kid’s music school and have not been able to find bags that would nicely fit 4 buttons. Bought some 3×3 bags that are too wide (buttons are too loose in there) and the 2×3 reclosable bags (could not find regular ones) are too narrow. Can I ask you where you got your bags and what size they are? Thank you.

  3. They’re 1″. I got the bags at the dollar store I think, or possibly Michael’s.

  4. Thank you!

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