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SewTara goes mobile.

Since it’s March Break and I have a 10 day stretch of no school I’ve been taking over parts of the house.

The kitchen table has fallen victim the most.

I’ve been working on small projects, hair clips and more magnets. If you follow me on my Instagram I’ve been moving around and creating various things.

Haven’t really hit the sewing machine yet since that’s in the basement and at least, even if my nose is buried in my crafting, I feel like I’m there for the kids. They’ve been enjoying the break by playing wii, having friends over, mastering Angry Birds on the iPad . . We have also hit swimming, gone for walks and hit indoor play places. So I’m going to say the break isn’t going too badly so far!

It doesn’t take much to send me shopping on Etsy.

Amy posted an image of vintage hair barrettes that were so gorgeous, I just had to run to Etsy and see if I could find some.

The little red glasses and scissors are ridiculously awesome. Sadly, I didn’t find those particular ones. But I did find many other cute one. Have a peek. Click images to be whisked away.