Need a magnet?

I sure don’t, I’ve been making a few. Just a few.

I love you button making machine.

Now to iron out my packaging . . .

5 Responses to Need a magnet?

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! You definitely don’t need another magnet hehe. Do you mind me asking what machine you use?

  2. These are super cute!

  3. love! these are so cute.

  4. It’s a Tecre 1″ button machine, and I have the graphic punch. Although for fabric I’ve been cutting the circles by hand since most of the fabric is too thick to cut nicely in the punch.
    I got it here, If you’re in Canada it’s a great shop, if you live near Toronto it’s even greater!

  5. They are great! I have added a button maker in my wish list!

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