Done and next!

So I finished my lovely little sewing kit thingie, thanks to Rashida’s tutorial.

Some things were confirmed with this little project.
1. I deviate from patterns, constantly
2. Taking photos in natural light is getting impossible this time of year.
3. Now that my work days have shifted, working all day Thursday is really cutting into this feature.
4. Me and snaps don’t get along.

I cheated and used my machine to sew up the sides, I was too tired and short on time to hand stitch it.
I also wish I’d used my cute Japanese fabric where the pink fabric is instead. That too tired thing got in the way of thinking clearly I think.

For my next trick I’m going to make this camera strap from lgb. Not only does it use up scraps and make your camera look fun it’s got a little pocket for your lens cap which I sooo need.

Join me if you like, your assignement is due next Friday. If you’re too busy, lazy, uncrafty, or tired to whip one up you can just click and order one here.

Sharing links if you’ve played along, or sewn on in the past, on Fridays is always welcome! Or you can add to the currently pretty empty Flickr group I created.

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  2. Thanks so much for linking to that tutorial. Yours looks great! I made one a bit simpler – I didn’t piece the outside fabric. I figured I’d wait till I made a simple one so I knew what I was doing. I just need to pick up a snap kit tomorrow and it will be all done.

    I want to make one of the camera straps as well – mine isn’t the prettiest right now, so it will be nice to make one that looks good.

  3. That wee kit thingy is cute, and hey, I didn’t know you were meant to hand sew the side seams, sure no-one else will either!

  4. This is really cute! I found your blog through yellow bird+yellow beard. I had to post and follow because your name is Tara and so is mine. You love to sew and so do I :) So you must know that I love your blog title! My blog is “Fabricate” @

  5. I made the little pouch and think it’s just the cutest thing! I think if I make another one I will machine stitch the side because my hand stitiching isn’t very secure I’m afraid.

  6. I love your wallet! Your link does not work any more. Do you have a copy of the pattern? Thanks!

  7. Fixed the link! She relocated it to her own personal blog. Happy creating!

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