Selling and crashing.

Well I’ve been totally exhausted lately. Lots of things due at work, not to mention the day to day planning and then 2 craft shows this month. I stayed up really late every night last week sewing, I worked a 14 hour day and then I had to get up early Saturday to get to the craft sale.

I spent the day sitting in Two Big Guys coffee shop in Toronto. It was a tight fit for all the crafters but it was a lovely day. Got to sit beside my friend Joanna and I crafted away while chatting to new people. Sold some clutches, magnets and of course cozies and even left some in the shop to be sold. Stupidly, I didn’t take any pictures. It’s like I have a blog and use pics all the time, oh and I was sitting beside a photographer. Silly me.

I met SewPetrina who makes new clothes from thrifted or previously loved clothing. She has some really lovely skirts made form thrifted sweaters. It’s such a neat idea and something I thought you would need a serger for but Petrina just sews squares and patches of things together to create new garments. Like I need another mission when I go to the thrift store, now I can’t pass anything over, it may have potential.

Sorry for the tiny pic, I stole it from her site.

Last night I crashed hard, I was ordered to go to bed at 8. But I asked the hubby, “Can I read until 8:30?” and he said “Yes, but I’m coming to take away all your iDevices at 8:30!” He did, well I hid my iPad so after he left I read until about 9 and then crashed out, I remember seeing 9:13 on the clock. I woke up shortly after 7.

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