Funny story

In the form of a vlog.

4 Responses to Funny story

  1. I think it still totally looks like a spool of thread! Such a cute design.

  2. I’ll be sure to tell Nate another creative soul appreciates my art!
    Thanks Tablahblah.

  3. The mug is wicked, and the toilet paper interpretation leaves me with only the question of why is toilet paper not considered a crafting material? Toilet paper is awesome, good substitute for papier mache projects :) I mean the design is easily discernible as a spool of thread and all; to adults. Like you said though, you still have a funny story to tell, and a mug that, if we take Nate’s viewpoint, is so extraordinarily original. Vive la difference! Vive la toilette!

  4. haha! Love it! great story. :)

    by the way, the mug design is awesome. :)


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