Wheeeee fabric delivery!

Got this in the mail yesterday.  I was out when it arrived and I’m so happy the postal dude left it inside the screen door.  I hate having to wait and go back for your package.


It’s 15 fat quarters of Christmas fabric!!!  I got it from here. I was online looking for some things from Moda Bakeshop because I’m dying to make this. I hate ebay, when I really want something I can’t actually win it, so I’ve started to just go with the ‘Buy it now!’ stuff because it’s safer. My husband is the ebay auction winner in the house, so I used his tactic, stumbled upon an auction that was near ending and I won! I debated a way to get out of paying, to get my table runner supplies instead, but figured I could find a use for some cute Christmas fabric.

closeup 1

close up 2

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