Why staying at home with the kids rocks.

Today is my day off, I work every other day, so 2 days one week, 3 days the next and repeat!  Last week on one of my days off we stopped at Michael’s to pick some things up and Wesley just randomly asked to go see the bird houses.  He said he wanted to get one so I figured we’d run with it.

We grabbed some sealer to spray over it once it was painted and some birdseed to fill it with.  He started by painting over the windows, which I had covered in tape, but he was really into it.  After some redirecting, he got the hang of it and was painting the wood.  He started with blue paint but I wandered off to put Nate down for a nap he ended up pouring some pink and white into it and stirring it up.  So it ended up mostly purple.

After many, many coats of varathane I figured it was good enough and we filled it with food and I hung it outside.  Then I had to move it so we could see it from the kitchen window and avoid going out into the freezing cold.  I haven’t seen a bird at it yet but hopefully someone will notice it’s there soon!

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